33The knight recorded 3 key three points victory Raptors face of the three giant – Sohu sports star|The knight recorded 3 key three points victory Raptors face of the three giant – Sohu sports star9

The knight recorded 3 key three locked face of the three giant – Sohu Toronto Star Sports > > data record shooting spot in the Eastern Conference finals last season knights had eliminated the Raptors, and raptors this season still in good condition, especially in the state of DeRozan is good, so the Raptors can bring trouble to the knights in the playoffs.? Beijing time on November 16, 2016, the Raptors on the road to 117-121 not enemy knight, three ball victory over the Raptors knight, and the big three better than binary. The Raptors last season in the East Star will show can also be true, but they fight and knight, the body is constantly producing contact, to shatter the knight by the impact of the continuous line. But from the core of the comparison, the difference of the binary or Toronto Knights of the big three a grade, which is also one of the reasons why the Raptors lost. The playoffs last season if not foul, or the Raptors in the semi finals is not the heat off. But this season is not the biggest upgrade Toronto deal, but their leader in the internal advanced completed — DeRozan is playing a season the most unbelievable career, CIC equal to the Jordan level, at the beginning of the first section of DeRozan even once in a minute 3 consecutive hit in the cast, and this was the playoffs last season shooting him 30%, is simply panruoliangren. But the tactical side said that the knight has evolved. The Cavs have completed a record 9 consecutive games with at least a record of three points in the opening game, making offensive space and compressing defense, a better point for the Cavaliers than last season. Because of this, the knight is the representative in the first quarter and Toronto Raptors catching confrontation: inside and confrontation, however the knight is passing the ball constantly, compressed enough offensive defense and outside space, from 7 points behind at once counter ultra 7 points. And from the team’s two lineup of convergence, obviously knight has the advantage. DeRozan and Lori basically must have a stay in the field, but the final minutes of the first half, he replaced James and Erwin, just before winning frozen Le Fu and Erwin. The Raptors can’t also dare not, because no one can be led, but the knight. Of course, the game, knights and raptors is obviously of the boom, the first half both sides hit all the more than 50%, the score is very high, the knight doesn’t seem to be continued pressure to the opponent on the defensive end. But in the third quarter, James began to force the knight in 5 minutes at the end of the third quarter to Toronto hit rate suppression to only 30%, Toronto consecutive blacksmith and mistakes, Knight instantly opened the score. But the Raptors in the distal suddenly on defense force, continuous manufacturing physical confrontation with East never defense last year, once counter ultra cleveland. The game at the end of the 1 minutes and 39 seconds in an interesting scene: The Knight 1 points behind, the Raptors were foul dissatisfaction, was an additional 1 technical fouls, coke Fu and Erwin unexpectedly 3 consecutive free throws only hit 1 times, not only tied the score counter ultra. But the final accident is not the inevitable result of the game: the last 2 minutes of the match, Erwin from three points to 4 points, to Erwin)