33Ten Laurence prize China December 15th announced Yuanhui Fu for Popularity Award|Ten Laurence prize China December 15th announced Yuanhui Fu for Popularity Award5

Ten Laurence prize China December 15th announced for Fu Yuanhui award of Guangzhou daily news (reporter Bai Zhibiao        ) yesterday, "2016 Chinese ten Laurence Championships Award" the Organizing Committee at a press conference in Beijing, announced a set of awards this site "Chinese ten Laurence Championships Award" and the selection process. According to reports, this year’s Chinese ten Laurence Championships award will be divided into mass primaries, check and review committee awards in three stages – each awards 5 candidates (or candidate team). Currently, Lang Ping, Ding Ning, Zhang Jike, Sun Yang, China National Women’s volleyball team, Chinese table tennis team, China national diving team have entered different award candidates, including Fu Yuanhui, Zhang Mengxue, Lin Dan, Dong Li and other popular bursting sports stars will compete for the "most popular female athlete" and "the most popular male athletes" two awards, but just one of the gains promoted the world champion gold belt "Zou Shiming as the" best non Olympic athletes award candidate, the award will become another candidate Ding Junhui’s powerful competitor. Lang Ping Tinglin Zhu Li for the 2016 women’s volleyball volleyball the best selection has recently started (editor’s note: fans spontaneous selection is not the FIVB official selection), eventually winning the awards will be announced in November 18th. Lang Ping was nominated for the best coach in the squad, and Zhu Ting was nominated for the two player of the year and the main player of the year, making him one of the best candidates for a free man. Table tennis Liu Guoliang was named coach of the year for 2016 ITTF announced in November 9th, led the men’s team won the world championship in three China this year (the world table tennis championships, the Olympics and the world cup) all champion Guoping head coach Liu Guoliang finalists this list of three candidates. In the previously announced annual list of male and female athletes, the Chinese team a total of three finalists, namely Malone, Fan Zhendong and Ding Ning. Bolt Thompson international track and Field Athletics Federation candidate announced in November 9th 2016 player of the year and the list of candidates, Jamaica Olympic champion Boulter and female sprint double Thompson into the list.