33In 2017, Shanghai will strive to achieve tax matters online to do a new network – in full|In 2017, Shanghai will strive to achieve tax matters online to do a new network – in full2

In 2017, Shanghai will strive to achieve tax matters online full do – Beijing News Agency in Shanghai on 19 September, (Miu Lu) Shanghai municipal government held 19 press conference, the meeting, director of the Shanghai Municipal Taxation Bureau Guo Jianfei said that at present, the Shanghai tax bureau has initially developed to implement programs, plans by the end of 2016, to achieve the most commonly used tax matters online through the office; in 2017, implementation of the tax matters online full coverage, full. Shanghai has always been the gathering of large enterprise groups, the national "1000 group" in Shanghai member enterprises a total of nearly 5500 households, according to the 2015 annual income tax revenue, the size of more than 300 billion yuan, close to the city’s tax revenue 30%. According to reports, the recent Shanghai will focus on three aspects of promoting collaborative projects, promote the landing force tax matters run through the city and enhance the enterprise management level and efficiency of tax reform, so as to enhance the sense of satisfaction, taxpayers. Guo Jian Fei said that by the end of 2016, Shanghai strive for the first batch of 14 co governance projects in place, and achieved results. This is not a simple result of information sharing, but also highlight the results of the application; not only includes inter departmental joint disciplinary and combat deterrence, but also includes cross sectoral incentives and incentives to support integrity. At the same time, we must strive to cross sectoral cooperation, to maximize the convenience of the general public. For example, to actively promote the "personal income tax" list within the city and the personal income tax "tax payment certificates" has the same effect that, in the future people in the purchase, visa, credit, insurance handling process, without paper made a special trip to the tax authorities issued tax certificate. At the same time, Shanghai will build a standardized, professional, electronic, facilitation of the tax service system, to achieve online based, supplemented by the entity "tax matters run through the city. The three stage system in Shanghai this year officially launched, has laid a solid foundation for promoting related work. According to Guo Jianfei introduced during the year, the city tax bureau will send special opinions, improve tax management level of large enterprises, strengthen risk management ability; innovative personalized tax service products, the establishment of collaborative service mechanism, to provide a good tax environment for the sustainable and healthy development of large enterprises in Shanghai. (end)