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2016 meat food culture and health forum held in Beijing, people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Beijing 23 October,   yesterday, the first 2016 ingredients of meat culture and health forum held in Beijing, the forum by China Food Culture Research Association, China food culture research national food culture committee and other units. Experts and scholars from across the country, media reporters, food manufacturers, buyers and consumers on behalf of more than 150 people attended the forum, the Forum on the theme "the negative effects of the" cultural Chinese carnivorous meat. China Food Culture Research Association, vice president of Chinese Food Culture Research Association National Food Culture Committee Chairman Zhang cube said in his speech: food safety is one of the party and government attaches great importance to the work of meat food safety and health culture heritage are carnivorous meat ingredients; culture and health as the main research topic of Chinese food culture. Has been in charge of departments and attach great importance to research, the forum is approved by the State Ministry of culture for the record, one of the large academic exchange activities sponsored by research, the purpose is to find and communicate more food culture research, with a large number of research results of scientific, effective and positive energy to guide the healthy development of the nation the traditional food culture and carry forward. The forum organizing committee secretary general, executive dean of Research Institute of Asian food culture, famous carnivorous culture research expert Liu Jintao said in his speech: Chinese traditional culture broad and profound carnivorous, is one of the most important ingredients of meat ingredients Chinese diet culture, known as the "king of food", all parts of the country on meat characteristics and delicacy carnivorous cooking culture is great wealth to the Chinese food culture treasure, worthy of our inheritance. However, Liu Jintao also pointed out that in recent years due to the "water meat" and "meat glue injection", "dead meat" and "situlanzai meat" and "meat flavor" and "smuggled meat" and "zombie meat" inferior meat ingredients, so that consumers have doubts on the consumption of meat, the Chinese the inheritance and development of traditional cooking carnivorous technology pose a major threat, at the same time, decreased meat dishes nutrition and taste also has a negative impact on the healthy development of China catering industry and food culture. To this end, Liu Jintao made three recommendations to the government and the community through the Forum: one is that the introduction of a series of policies and measures to support and encourage meat ingredients throughout the cold chain sales, promotion and support of brand meat, cold meat, meat ingredients to enhance health market space; two is recommended to increase efforts to crack down on illegal and inferior meat the ingredients, especially to the unreasonable use of cheap low-quality meat ingredients sold to restaurants, canteens, schools have food stalls, night market stalls strictly blow, cut off the market supply chain of inferior meat the most basic; three is recommended to increase the cold fresh knowledge of positive publicity and guidance, the popularity of correct identification of inferior meat food knowledge, guide the majority consumers consciously resist the problem of meat ingredients, found a positive report and complain about life problems of meat, put an end to the issue of the flow of people to the table and wine Restaurant, to defend the dignity of the Chinese nation’s traditional meat culture, protect the health of the masses of the people from infringement. This forum has received dozens of media