32End of the ECG signal to pass the market|End of the ECG signal to pass the market7

ECG signal transmission end shortly after the two cities Friday is still the leather shock, late end ECG concussion running down, the volume is still shrinking, while the gem is led by the two, overall, more or less. Today than yesterday’s turnover in principle is lower, while the volume over the previous few days has been enlarged in late conveys what signals? Next week, only three trading days, days of continuous line challenges are successful years, in the mid autumn festival that this task completed hopes. (subscription and investment consulting, to tell you that the plate can be operated)       hot spots, PPP+ rail, tourism concept rose, time shares tumbled. The market is still a continuation of the previous trading day in the early shrinkage within a narrow range, also appeared small hot was driven to disk, but because the market shrinkage is obvious, and the lack of funds led to the long chase to undertake the work not completed. In the afternoon, only three board stocks and Han Jian suffered large single hit disc, then the index was significantly weaker. (the buy and sell, and Irving!) Message level, the first 8 months of this year, China’s total import and export value of $15 trillion and 370 billion, down by 1.8%, of which the trade surplus expanded to $5%. In addition, one of the main part of the regulatory disclosure of the current part of the financial products is the product of mutual investment, the model is prone to short raise long investment, the term mismatch problem, the stock market continues to leverage the trend of bubble unchanged. This month the central bank lending facilities mid maturity sequel to 275 billion yuan MLF, net invested capital to the market. Afternoon, because near the line pressure, the market is likely to remain weak shocks, funds more cautious, the market volume has failed to effectively enlarge, is expected to rise slightly as concussion. (subscription and investment, looking for opportunities in shock) although the market more abrasive, market sentiment continued to slump. But the shock is the stock market opportunity is the everlasting truth, since August, the market index rose 3 points or so, excellent investment operation stock returns a double. Everyone can operate the stock, but the vast information flow is not rely on it alone can obtain accurate information. Excellent investment adviser is superior financial institute launched the professional products, its strong strength of investment research, large investment consulting team, just for your operation more accurate, click to view the historical record and investment! To view the history of excellent investment outstanding performance, and verify the superior Institute of solid strength and professional researchers and very forward-looking level. The golden nine silver ten market has arrived, and let the professional investment subscribe, take you to fly. To take off the account! Only 27.7 yuan per day, only $2500 per quarter Service Research Report instant subscription! (click to participate)