31The three section report James 26+9 took over the game Knight 100-83 Green Army – Sports Sohu|The three section report James 26+9 took over the game Knight 100-83 Green Army – Sports Sohu8

The three section report: James 26+9 took over the game Knight 100-83 Green Army – Sports Sohu > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on November 4th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, the Cleveland Cavaliers took home court against Boston celtic. Three zhanba, Knight 100-83 lead. James Knight career 19000 points in the first quarter, JR- Smith top arc three shots hit the first knight open. Erwin, Thompson attack succeeded, the home team 7-2 lead. But then, on both ends of the knight seems not to focus here, Lvshan army, Bradley cut basket net, Jielun Brown hit three points, they will quickly erase the difference. After the game, the tug of war, with their three hits, help the visitors ahead. Can come back, the knight to show a more outstanding three points firepower, Erwin, Fry has voted into the three points, against the score at the same time, but also forced opponents to call a halt. After a pause, James fancy dribble to the basket foul, he made two free throws, the effectiveness of the knight 19000th points career. The end of this section, the knight to continue to expand the advantage of Thompson with 2 seconds left when fast break layup, single finished, Knight 36-25 lead. Erwin savage 3 stun green army day, Knight continued to firmly control the war, despite Rosier’s layup, help green army will be worse after return to single digits. But since then, the three ball Erwin even in the two score again savage and absurd, pulled a large. This quarter, Tristan Thompson shot into the net, when the home team has the most leading 18 points. Little Thomas difficult layup, the green army forced to help stop the tide. Jielun James – Brown storm, complete the dunk, the difference was forced to close to 14 points. Happy three points hit, half finished, Knight 68-51 continue to lead. James 26+9 took over the game easy side battles, the war continues to be a knight firmly in control, James received Erwin zapan throwing, dunk Harbourside succeeded, at this time the difference has been widened to 20 points. But after the game, perhaps because of too much lead, the Cavaliers have appeared relaxed mood. Under the leadership of little Thomas, the green shirt army a little bit closer to the score. Small Thomas strong sudden foul two full, they will be divided into a difference of nearly 11 points. But since then, James took over the game, to help the knights to stabilize the situation, as he jumped into the net, the knight lead to 19 points. Their breakthrough hit a layup, the three day after, the military Lvshan 83-100 lags behind. The Celtics starting line-up: Amir – Johnson, Jielun – Brown, Taylor, Bradley, Thomas Zeller Knight starting lineup: James, Tristan, Kevin Thompson, Erwin, Smith (Poirot JR-)