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Manzano: Shenhua not strong next year three line battle need depth – Sports Sohu   just in the end of the 2016 season of Super League, Shenhua team with 12 wins 12 flat 6 negative 48 points, scoring 46 goals, lost 31 ball scores, ranking the fourth place in the Super League, won the AFC Champions League qualification. October 30th, the end of the 2016 season, the end of the night, the club and coach Manzano immediately to renew the contract communication. Before the communication, Manzano accepted a half-hour interview. Despite the third pass, but Manzano is still very satisfied with the results. In the present MANSANO view, Shenhua, is not a good team, this year the result actually does not explain the strength of the team. No third with injury Gan Hui: how to evaluate the performance of the team throughout the season? Manzano: general is very satisfied, because this year we get the ranking, can get AFC Champions League qualification, which is the objective of the club, Shenhua haven’t played AFC Champions League, this return to AFC Champions League, so I am very satisfied. There is a data that we played well, is to invest in the above, because we are not ranked fourth in terms of investment, we can hit the score of fourth, has played very well. This is an economic issue. From the above staff, we are the only team in the last half of the team can only 3+1 foreign aid, there is no foreign aid to the rotation of the team. From the strength, our domestic players are not included in the national team players (interview with the national team has not yet announced a new phase of training list, this) also illustrates such an overall strength. Add up these 3 points, you will know why I am very satisfied. Gan Hui: to be able to achieve such a result is indeed a success, but now look back is not worth a summary of the place, because we have been close to the third? Manzano: there is definitely a need to improve the place, we also need to sum up, but we have not been able to get to third, with the absence of guarin and Moreno are directly related. I am very sorry, if the whole season to the last game, guarin, including Moreno, Ba absent words, then we will hit about a grade, I really want to know this. So, at this time the mood is also a little reluctant, if the 3 players in the words, especially the last few games, then the final result will not be the same. Of course, all the players in the team are doing their best. Gan Hui: throughout the season, there were two accidents. First, in the Ba after injury, we played a wave of climax, defeated rival, Jiangsu, won the Shandong road. Second, in the face of some strength in general, we feel that we should take the team of 3 points, we did not get down. What do you think of these two accidents? Manzano: This is more, with the top teams play on the team. The team can not play you back, more pressure out. When a team come out with you when the attack, it depends on what team attack stronger.