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Avoid leg aggravated finals   A pulled out of pity; Tianjin open – Sports – people.com.cn original title: Ladd Vansk was forced to withdraw from the Tianjin open in October 13th Tianjin Xinhua sports news (reporter Zhang Zewei) Tianjin has scored WTA open quarter finals of Poland’s A? Ladd Vansk 13 announced, in order to avoid the injury aggravated the total year-end the final, she decided to quit the match. As the tournament’s defending champion, 12 in the first round of sweeping Bystrica promotion, but the game in her right thigh injury, were examined and treated after 13 days later, she still appeared in the second round against Russian player Rodina in the game, and to 6:1, 6:2 in the quarter finals opponent. "Yesterday’s injury although no effect today I win, but I always feel that their moves on the court is getting worse, and I couldn’t make it worse, I must be ready for the next Singapore finals." She said. Ladd Vansk believes that the injury was mainly caused by fatigue. "I am in the past few weeks many tough games, especially spent a lot of energy in the network in Beijing." She said. Tianjin is Bystrica blessed, she is the last bus last year with the Tianjin Open champion made the finals and won. "It was a tough decision for me to retire. The Tianjin open is a very good tour and I hope to come here again next year." She said. (commissioning editor Zhao Xinyue and Hu Xuerong)