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19, NBA: Carle’s son Howard exposes for the Lakers at the mystery – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 19th, the NBA offseason continues, and inside and outside the stadium, there are a lot of news worthy of attention. The following is a summary of the message NBA today: the son of Carle, the Lakers at the news from the U.S. media, earlier today, Coby Carle was officially appointed head coach of the Lakers’ defense league team development team. Coby Carle is 33 years old, he is the former NBA coach George – Carle’s son, Carle had little before played at NBA for 8 years, during the period, he has also played for the Lakers short. It is worth mentioning that, like his father, but also beat the cancer Carle before infestation. And when it comes to their ultimate goal, Carle said he wanted to be a NBA coach, just like his father. Howard for the number of the mystery of the early today, the eagle official twitter update content, drying out of the new aid Dwight – according to the fixed makeup of the photo, the photo put on the number 8 shirt, Howard. You know, career so far, Howard has been wearing the number 12 shirt. This summer, he signed a 3 year contract worth $70 million 500 thousand with the eagle, and he chose number 8 because in the Bible, the word "8" means a new beginning. 2015-16 season regular season, Howard in the Rockets, but his poor performance, a total of 71 appearances, the field can play for 32.1 minutes, get a score of 13.7 points and 1.6 rebounds and 11.8 blocks. Captain Jack in the amateur video from the U.S. media reports, former NBA star Stephen Jackson before the updated Instagram, and drying out their own to participate in amateur video game. In addition, Jackson also added that, 35 points, 10 points of the ball, relaxed, strength training so that I get the return, the half shot like a free throw." In fact, just last month, Jackson publicly said in an interview that he has been ready to return. Jackson, 38, entered the league in 1997. After that, he in the NBA for 17 seasons, and has for the nets, Pacers, spurs, eagles, warriors, lynx (now the Hornets), the bucks and the Clippers played, he played 858 games, averaging 31.9 minutes played, can contribute 15.1 points and 3.9 rebounds and 3.1 assists 1.3 steals. Oladipo participate in the talent show from the United States gossip media TMZ reports, the thunder revealed new signing Victor oladipo day before, he took part in a singing class show this summer, and also got the first prize. It is reported that, in this program, oladipo sang the famous American singer R- I Believe I Can Kelly "Fly". On the day of this year’s draft, aura was traded from magic to thunder. Last season, oladipo in magic played 72 times, averaging 33 minutes, 16 points and 3.9 assists and 4.8 rebounds. The mysterious Schmidt reported soup boxing training from TMZ, warrior sharpshooter Clay)