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Wang Anshun: the integration of urban and rural cadres to learn to chew three pieces of bones – Sohu News Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Xu) "as a large area in the economic capital, the future five years Chaoyang to do subtraction, to ease the work which runs through. In particular, to do a good job in the urban and rural areas of the ecological environment governance and improve the public services in this region." Municipal People’s Congress, mayor Wang Anshun said yesterday in the morning to participate in the deliberations. Over the next five years to pay attention to doing "subtraction" about the future development of Chaoyang District, Wang Anshun, with particular emphasis on would pay attention to do subtraction, the capital of non core function ease work through them in the next five years. He cited Xizhihe demolition market example, as once in North China’s largest stone market, the leases is the economic interests of the maximum peel past here may represent advanced productivity, but the passage of time, this kind of regional professional market brought about environmental problems far ambitious to the ecological effect. "After the leases, never sewage crosscurrent, stone dust all over the sky, these to vacate the valuable space, 20% for carrying high-end formats, 80% of the land is green, past our ecological environment is short board can also get filled." In addition, Wang Anshun stressed the need to optimize the layout of industrial functions, in particular, to grasp the relationship between industrial development and development intensity. Cadres in the face of problems have to dare to play, I pay particular attention to the grassroots rural branch secretary, this work is difficult to dry up, urban and rural areas of the cadres to deal with the interests of the game." Wang Anshun spoke of Chaoyang urban management department said that "integration of the urban and rural areas have three pieces of bones to chew on, governance scattered coal, out of high emission vehicles, in urban and rural areas, combined with the Department of pollution. For Chaoyang cadres, the burden of heavy and tired, especially in the history of the problems of the past, we must dare to play, to meet the difficulties." Wang Anshun told his recently unannounced visits, Chaoyang District, Beijing Zhuanghu black Lang Xiang Xin Zhuang Cun black coal field experience, he let the village Party Secretary Wang Chao guide designed to find the alien population of rental housing, I saw a dozen square meters of cabin with the six or seven people crowded with heating. "Coal black smoke, you can say good coal? Where those people live is to take up several slabs of cement, very sad, I was with them about policy, to mobilize them to return home to start. " The development mode of the Wang Anshun requirements of the illegal construction of illegally built The loss outweighs the gain. to achieve zero growth in the urban fringe". "These things happen in the village level cadres under the nose of the son, you have to take care of, but also a good." He said that this year 1 month in Chaoyang more villages unannounced visits, learned some of the village collective income from illegal buildings, many of the local villagers to build rental compound as an important income, this mode of development in fact, more harm than good. "The rent income a lot, but many people illegally built more inevitable, with coal and more inevitable. You get more than 1 dollars, the whole society may have to subsidize 10 dollars, this development is not sustainable. So I told the villagers said the village Party Secretary and illegal control, governance haze need to the masses to participate in." Photography reporter Hao Yi