2U.S. police will Chinese female students were shot and killed for murder – Sohu news|U.S. police will Chinese female students were shot and killed for murder – Sohu news

Police in the United States will Chinese female students being shot qualitative for murder – Sohu News Jiang Yue case illustrate the scene, which can accommodate 400 people in the hall was packed. Photo by Chinese students will provide China overseas network news on January 22, according to the United States, "newspaper" reported, Arizona Tempe, police station, Arizona State University campus police and Arizona State University Chinese students will be on the evening of January 20, common in the campus held Jiang Yue case said Ming. The police for the first time in the case of qualitative murder. Jiang Yue case occurred, many mainstream media and public opinion in the network will be the event and the "road rage Road-rage contact, but Tempe, police spokesman said, in January 20, Sheriff Johnson clearly said:" this is not an accidental clash of road rage, but murder. " Participants of the Arizona State University Chinese student association president Zhu Bowei said the case that there are two purposes of held: one is to clarify the truth of the case to the majority of students; the second is thereby told the majority of Chinese students, this case is purely accidental, not any organizations and individuals in Chinese or Chinese students. Zhu Bowei said: "this is not the way to anger, Jiang Yue and Chen Endong vehicle no problem, Jiang Yue is innocent, she does not have any fault, they did not make any possible suspects angered things." There are a large number of Chinese students and Chinese came to the scene, to ask questions to clarify the case of doubt. In the free question and answer session, many Chinese students put forward the key question: where is the gun from? Why does the government have no control over guns and the future of schools to protect the safety of students? Relevant responsible person to answer one by one. Zhu Bowei said, from the atmosphere of the scene, this meeting is successful, students should go to a lot of psychological. The city police crime prevention center in January 20th before the beginning of the note, the Chinese version of personal safety notes, to all the participants to the scene. In personal safety instructions and to on foot, in the home, carrying a bag and in the car in a variety of situations, such as analysis and interpretation, urge the overseas students to raise vigilance, nip in the bud. Notice below, there is a section of the police: if the attack, try to stay calm, rational thinking, to judge the way out. If you encounter robbery, please hand over your possessions, for your life is more than a hundred times more important than money." The association of Chinese students and scholars in the U.S. Southwest chairman Liumei specially from San Diego, rushed to the scene, Liumei said, South American Federation will be sustained and Chinese students will keep in touch. "According to past experience, the major trial duration and start everyone participate actively in the trial to near the listener is less and less. We hope that everyone’s attention to the case will be able to stick to it." Liu Mei said.