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There are plans to have the truth   secret South Korea’s real price level – the International – People’s network, Seoul, March 8 power (Xia Xue) "I heard that the Korean beef a few hundred dollars a pound?" "you can eat meat and fruit in Korea?"" Often have to ask the domestic friends. The countries with the sea, the Chinese tourists go abroad swim up to the destination, the real price level exactly how to do? Below through the objective figures and pictures to bring you to understand a real South korea. Food: Koreans really do not eat meat? To pork, for example, South Korea, the price of a pound of pork is about ten thousand won (about 54.21 yuan), is about four times china. Korea National Statistical Office released statistics show that South Korea family (two or more) the average monthly disposable income (removal of tax, pension, insurance income reached 35639 million won (about RMB 193 million yuan). Combined with the income level of Korean people, pork prices do not seem to be too expensive. The most expensive meat is the Korean local production of beef, a pound of Korean cattle equivalent to about 200 yuan. The foreign imports of beef instead of cheap, less than one hundred yuan a pound. Han Niu’s price is expensive, because the cattle breeding technology, feed, etc. have higher requirements, and the world famous Japanese Kobe cattle. Korean holiday gifts are like to choose Korean cattle, high-end atmosphere grade. In fact, in daily life, and complain about eating less than meat, more often heard that the Korean people complain about not eat fruit. In the Korean supermarket, 4 apple about 7000 won (about 38 yuan), an average of an apple to nearly 10 yuan. Watermelon is even more exaggerated, one to more than 100 yuan. Because of South Korea’s land resources and climate constraints, a lot of fruit in the Korean mainland is not planted, need to import. In order to protect the local farmers and agricultural development, the South Korean government imposed a high tariff on imported crops, so the price of Korean fruit is very high. The deepest impression is that to South Korean friend’s house guest, to eat the fruit without the eat, peeled and diced, use a toothpick in eating. Live: buy prohibitively difficult next see people concerned about housing prices. People often say "buy a house in Seoul is very difficult, in the end Seoul prices are more expensive? According to the South Korean statistics office data show that in December 2015 Seoul area apartment type housing (area of about 100 square meters) the average transaction price of 550 million won (about 3 million yuan). For middle-income families, it takes 13 years to buy a flat. For just entered the community of young people, it is more difficult to buy. South Korean city institute researcher Cui Enying said, South Korea house prices rising faster than the income growth rate, the burden of housing continues to increase, Seoul’s single youth is experiencing the first batch of people living in poverty. South Korea housing prices remain high, so that the single young people have to choose to rent. And China is different, in South Korea to rent a higher margin in advance of the deposit. For example: Seoul city a less than 20 square meters of single monthly about 500 thousand won (about RMB 2700)