2The people’s Liberation Army female medic to work every day with 1000 yuan to send down patients|The people’s Liberation Army female medic to work every day with 1000 yuan to send down patients

The people’s Liberation Army female medic to work every day with 1000 yuan to send for Zhao Hongyan disease patients on map. & nbsp; recommended by the selection of the provincial women’s Federation, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps women’s Federation, the departments directly under the Central Committee of women, the central state organs Committee of women, the Military Commission of the Central Committee and Political Work Organization Department Bureau, 34 year 2015 national March Eighth red banner pacesetter pacesetter candidate. Armed forces Logistics College Affiliated Hospital attending physician Zhao Hongyan super selected. Zhao Hongyan, born in October 1973, Han nationality, undergraduate education, Chinese Communist Party members. The Affiliated Hospital of the Armed Police College of logistics. Zhao Hongyan always stick to the medical and health undertakings noble pursuit, Shencanzhijian, self-improvement, with extraordinary perseverance struggle with the disease, patients with enthusiasm. In 2003, Zhao Hongyan participated in the fight against the "atypical pneumonia" in the fight against the infection of disability, the total body six joint ischemic necrosis. More than and 10 years, she insisted on the job as a battlefield, the whole body into the work. In order to reduce the waiting time of the patient, she only drink one or two glasses of water a day to reduce the number of times on the toilet. Now she daily admissions capacity of 120 passengers, reached a peak of 200 people, she assumed the gastrointestinal motility examination items become a major feature of the hospital. Zhao Hongyan every day working with 1000 yuan of money, this is she specifically for poor patients to set up the "love benefits", meet the doctor money not enough patients will take the initiative to help the mat, has been in patients with advance medical expenses more than 20000 yuan. In order to facilitate the patient, she made a special doctor patient contact card, the current monthly talk time with patients more than 2000 minutes. Back in the job for 10 years to, Zhao Hongyan admissions were nearly 13 million people, confiscated a red envelope, there have been no complaints, 100% satisfactory rate of patients, hospital received letters of commendation and pennants most patients are affectionately known as "the most beautiful wheelchair doctor". Zhao Hongyan won the national self-reliance model ", one of the 100" to a good youth good deeds, China "dedication" the good, the Chinese police "ten loyal guards" honor, awarded personal merit 1 times.