2Shanghai 2016 will be the 3% GDP investment in environmental protection system, the most stringent e|Shanghai 2016 will be the 3% GDP investment in environmental protection system, the most stringent e

Shanghai 2016 will be the 3% GDP investment in environmental protection system, the most stringent environmental protection system – Sohu news pictures from the network. 24, Shanghai Mayor Han in the government work report pointed out that in 2016, the city’s GDP growth of 6.5% – 7%, the general public budget income growth of 7%, investment in environmental protection is in the proportion of the gross domestic product (GDP) remain at around 3%, the energy consumption per unit of GDP, the main pollutants emissions further reduced. 2015, the city’s GDP reached 2 trillion and 500 billion in Shanghai, the growth rate of 6.5%, Shanghai City, in 2016 the environmental protection investment will reach about 80 billion. Yang Xiong pointed out, with greater efforts to protect and improve the ecological environment. To implement the most stringent resource conservation and environmental protection system, strengthen joint prevention and control and regional governance, and resolutely to hard, hard to complete the task. Yang Xiong said that in 2015 Shanghai to strengthen resource conservation and environmental protection. Complete the red line of ecological protection. Implementation of the management of the whole life cycle management, inefficient construction land reduction of 7 square kilometers. Start the implementation of the sixth round of environmental protection three year plan of action, environmental protection investment is equivalent to the proportion of the city’s GDP remained at around 3%. Comprehensive completion of the small and medium sized boiler, furnace clean energy alternative and yellow car out of the car, the new energy vehicles 44 thousand. The introduction of water pollution prevention action plan, to complete a straight row sources interception sewer, urban sewage treatment rate reached 91%. Actively explore new mechanisms for the comprehensive management of key regional environment, the first batch of 11 plots of governance to achieve the results of the stage. New green 1190 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 15%, 2.1 percentage points higher than five years ago. Yang Xiong stressed that this year will be the implementation of energy and water consumption, construction land and other total amount and intensity of double control action. Completion of the urban development boundary is shown. Fully push the organic renewal of the city, to accelerate the development of industrial land two times, inefficient construction land reduction of 7 square kilometers. Perfect carbon emissions trading mechanism. Expand the application scale of assembly building. Start sponge pilot city construction, planning and construction of the Suzhou river deep Rainwater Storage Tunnel Engineering, the center city built four regional drainage systems. Yang Xiong said that this year and strive to complete the sixth round of environmental protection action plan three key tasks in advance. In-depth implementation of clean air action plan, complete 60 kilowatts or more coal-fired power generating units with ultra low emission transformation, volatile organic matter focus on enterprise management, the introduction of a new round of new energy vehicles to promote the policy, implement the port ship emission reduction measures, security emergency measures in the implementation of air quality. Full implementation of water pollution prevention action plan to start the transformation of 28 sewage treatment plant. Preparation of soil pollution prevention action plan. Add 1 million household waste classification reduction green account". To promote the comprehensive improvement of the environment in Jinshan area. Completed the first batch of key regional environmental comprehensive management, start the 17 batch of second plots of comprehensive management. Yang Xiong also said that this year will provide more green space for the public to accelerate the construction of Chongming ecological island, built outside the 50 hectares of ecological special. Construction of ecological corridors, 35 thousand acres of new woodland. New green 1200 hectares, 200 kilometers of Urban Green Road, three-dimensional green 400 thousand square.