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Chen Jining a year for the implementation of the new environmental law: illegal enterprises still is banned repeatedly more than in the second session of the National People’s Congress of the fourth session of the morning at the media center held a press conference, Chen Jining of minister of Ministry of environmental protection strengthen issues related to the protection of the ecological environment "to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. China Radio International reporter: we know that is known as the history of the most stringent new environmental law has been implemented for more than a year. I would like to ask Chen minister, the implementation of the new environmental law, the effect of how? Is not like you here this time last year said that really grow a tooth teeth? Thank you。 Chen Jining: Thank you for your question. Last year was the first year of the implementation of environmental law, implementation of environmental law in the society gave high attention, the Ministry of environmental protection also put last year listed as environmental protection law "implementation year", we formulate a specific work program, every two month Ministry of environmental protection on a ministerial thematic will study in environmental law implementation process appear what problem, how to solve the problem, also need to form a what kind of refinement of the policy to promote the implementation of environmental law. We also announced the implementation of environmental law to the media every month, the exposure of typical cases, to promote the implementation of the new environmental law. Chen Jining: from a year to implement the situation, we believe that there is still a significant stage of the results achieved. Mainly in the following aspects, I am here to give you a brief introduction. First, hold a bid. Hold the key is to implement the responsibility of environmental protection of the local government. I spoke just now, this is the clear regulation of the environmental protection law sixth. Only the implementation of the local government’s environmental responsibility, local governments have the law, the enterprise can better abide by the law. You may have noticed, last year we increased the supervision of administration and public interviews efforts, the Ministry of environmental protection of 33 city (District) carried out a comprehensive inspector, open interviews with 15 municipal government is mainly responsible for. Not only the Ministry of Ministry of environmental protection to do so, we also urge the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of more than 30% of the municipal government of environmental inspectors, on 31 city were interviewed, 20 cities (counties) implementation of the regional limit approved, 176 issues listed supervision. Through these PIs, interviews, supervision, it should be said, a strong impetus to the implementation of the environmental liability of the local government, but also to solve a number of prominent environmental problems, the regional environmental quality has been improved. Chen Jining: second, seize the key, strong law enforcement, the implementation of corporate environmental responsibility. Last year, the national implementation of daily consecutive penalties 715, everyone said teeth in the environmental law, this is the long tooth piece, the amount of fines is 569 million yuan, sequestration 4191, environmental protection departments at all levels issued administrative punishment decision of 9.7 million copies, fine 42.5 billion yuan, than 2014 increased 34%. We sort out these cases out of 74 typical cases, the case statement. I would like to emphasize here, environmental protection is not a fine for the purpose of, we have strict law enforcement, the main purpose is to allow enterprises to see the importance of the law. Chenjining: Third, a sword of Damocles is to strengthen the linkage of the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, to let offenders not only subject to administrative punishment, serious but also by criminal punishment. This deterrent is great, we combined last year.