2Libya mess on French allies Obama’s remarks were criticized – International – People’s network|Libya mess on French allies Obama’s remarks were criticized – International – People’s network

Libya "mess" on French allies? Obama was awarded the speech – International – people.com.cn original title: Libya "mess" on French allies? Obama remarks were approved data: in April 1st, the U.S. Washington Convention Center, U.S. President Barack Obama held a press conference. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan perturbation in the final stage of the presidential term, U.S. President Barack Obama gave people the impression that more and more accustomed to talk about their own since he took office in 2009, the major achievements". But in the U.S. local time 10 aired on Fox News interview programs, he rarely in front of the public admit, the term "the biggest error" is 2011 to overthrow Gaddafi after the occurrence of the thing, lack of planning, let the "Islamic state (CIS) forces in the Middle East inflating. According to the United States the Atlantic monthly reports, published last month, Obama were hit Libya made a lot of positive sum up, such as in the military actions spend only US $10 billion, "very cheap"; in overthrow Gaddafi government to avoid the massive civilian casualties, and so on. But then Mr Obama’s speeches, recognition of Libya’s current "is a mess", accused Britain and France etc. allies not to the situation in Libya is responsible, make these European countries rather awkward. British Prime Minister Cameron then hit back, said: in this matter, we have an inescapable responsibility." "If Obama sincere repentance and hoped to make up for their own fault", chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma, pushkov 11 on his twitter wrote: "then he should be abandoned himself to get the Nobel Peace Prize and handed over the bonus to the Libyan children." [global times in the United States, Germany and France correspondent Sun Weichi Aoki Meng Yao Global Times reporter Wu Zhiwei Feng Guochuan Liu Yupeng] the