2Kim Jeong-eun sister or the United Nations will become the first object of sanctions|Kim Jeong-eun sister or the United Nations will become the first object of sanctions

Kim Jong Un sister or become first UN sanctions gold objects and is (information), original title: Korean media said Kim Jong Un sister or become the target of UN sanctions but lack of evidence [global network reporter reports Wei Yue] according to South Korea, "Central Daily" on February 16, reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, gold, and are likely to become the first UN sanctions object. South Korean government officials on the 15th, said it is understood, the Labor Party Propaganda Department Vice Minister Kim and is accused of embezzling funds of North Korea’s nuclear missiles, that is to say, gold and is involved in diffusion behavior of United Nations ban on North Korea’s nuclear missiles. Kim and the end of October last year, three months have not appeared in public appearances, and in North Korea after the end of the fourth nuclear test appeared. In addition, the February 7th long-range rocket launch that day, she and Kim Jeong-eun watched the launch status. This can be seen as its actual involvement in the development of nuclear missiles and the launch of the act. In addition, South Korean Foreign Ministry official said, only by speculation that it is difficult to determine the object of sanctions. Therefore, the government will also provide the United Nations with the real name of the real name of the financial transactions of financial information and other specific information. As of 15, the South Korean government has not yet come up with the actual value of the information. In the need for specific evidence of the current situation, it was also pointed out that the United Nations sanctions program can not be sanctions, there are limitations. Editor: Ni Zijian