2Iran military exercises launched ballistic missile Ban Ki-moon called for not to act in haste|Iran military exercises launched ballistic missile Ban Ki-moon called for not to act in haste

Iran’s military exercises launched ballistic missile Ban Ki Moon called do not hastily acting original title: ban urged Iran reasonably prudent not hasty act rising tensions in the local time on March 8, according to the "Central News Agency reports, Iran’s revolutionary guards were military exercises, had test fired a ballistic missile in the territory of the country. Central News Agency quoted the Iran media reports, this test is intended to show the behavior of Iran’s deterrent". China News Agency, United Nations, March 10 (Xinhua) UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on the 10th for Iran’s recent launch of a ballistic missile issued a statement urged relevant parties to exercise restraint and called on the Iranian government carefully and act rationally, not because of reckless behavior exacerbated tensions. According to the Iraqi news agency reported, Iran 8 in military exercises launched several ballistic missiles. Iran national television in 9, also reported that the day of Iran launched two ballistic missiles again news. The White House and the State Department said the Iran test fired a ballistic missile does not violate the Iranian nuclear agreement, the United States will make a proper response to the matter after the assessment. Ban Ki-moon 10, said in a statement, the full agreement on the Iranian nuclear agreement, the implementation date, the Security Council of the United Nations after the sanctions against Iran has been canceled. But he cautioned that the UN Security Council resolution 2231st calls for Iran not to carry out any ballistic missile related activities that can carry nuclear weapons, including the launch of similar ballistic missile technology. Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman 10, said the launch of the missile is a conventional defense equipment, just for self-defense purposes, not in violation of the Iranian nuclear agreement and Security Council resolutions. According to the associated press, Israel’s foreign ministry accused Iran of launched missiles in violation of United Nations resolutions, says Iran’s disregard of the requirements of the international community insisted on invasion ability of development. Ban Ki-moon said, should be based on the Security Council resolution 2231st to verify the relevant information." He urged all relevant parties to exercise restraint. "In the current political climate in the Middle East, in the case of sanctions against Iraq has just been lifted, the Secretary General called on the government of Iran to act with caution, not to escalate tensions due to hasty actions." Last July 14th, the Iran nuclear issue six countries and Iran announced a comprehensive resolution to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue in Vienna. January 16 this year, Iranian nuclear comprehensive agreement into the execution day, international atomic to reporting agency confirmed that Iran to complete the necessary to the beginning of the implementation of the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear preparation steps, the Security Council, the European Union, the United States and the Iraq sanctions have canceled. (end) responsibility editor: Liu Debin SN222