2Husband wife keep out business Gang 950 thousand deposit deposit business family how to take care of|Husband wife keep out business Gang 950 thousand deposit deposit business family how to take care of

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< p > for nearly a year, to see around a lot of 10 years old colleagues have abandoned the generous treatment of the work of "the sea" business, they encouraged, 30 of Mr. Lu also decided to start their own business. However, after the resignation, a lot of real problems surfaced, Mr. Lu first to consider the issue of pension protection; secondly, how to deal with the decrease in the initial stage of income.

and her husband went into business to keep his wife Gang family

Mr. Lu is just 40 years old this year, his wife than his third year old civil servant. After the resignation of Mr. Lu, his wife became the only source of income for the family, a monthly salary of 6500 yuan. According to Mr. Lu said they both the husband and wife only 95 million yuan deposit; major real estate is now living in the market value of 350 million yuan of 2 rooms one hall; a few years ago, my wife’s family relocated, them a three share a 2 rooms one hall of 844000 housing, now house rent monthly can receive rent 3500 yuan; in addition, the market value of the stock of 20 million yuan and 10 million of five-year bonds.

< p > household spending, the children read the junior high school, tuition is not expensive, but the monthly fixed with make up a missed lesson costs 1500 yuan; the couple are nine to five office workers, too busy to housework, because monthly pay 2500 yuan to hire a part-time; Mr. Lu has a car, consider to have transportation subsidy, so cost temporarily do not remember; the rest is some normal daily expenses.

"social security" account for the zero substitution to guarantee

civil servants belonging to the national civil service, although wages are not high, but the benefits are quite good. Mr. Lu admitted that his salary for civil servants and not too much nostalgia, but he does not care about the benefits, especially the social security section.

with the resignation of Mr. Lu venture, in the social security issue, he encountered a dilemma. Mr. Lu has done more than ten years of civil servants, his resignation after the social security account is zero. If after retirement, still want to enjoy the benefits of "social security". Not only does he have to yourself to go to the relevant authorities to pay social insurance, but also the need to complement not paid before the part; otherwise, Mr. Lu can only give up "social security", another consideration through the purchase of commercial insurance instead of "social security".

< p > in the opinion of Mr. Lu both have their pros and cons, "security" is the national unified management more reassuring, but one-time payment pressure; commercial insurance in the amount of insurance coverage and insurance has great flexibility, besides because it is a wholesale payment way, so funding pressure force smaller more suitable for early entrepreneurs. Although, from the current point of view, the commercial insurance has its advantages, but Mr. Lu is completely insurance "layman", facing the dazzling insurance products, how to choose the problem of his headaches.

to make up the income gap for a long time to protect the

In the early days of

, the decrease in income from the resignation is bound to be given to the family life.