2How did she do it Women’s resignation to travel into the $100 thousand – the new network|How did she do it Women’s resignation to travel into the $100 thousand – the new network

How did she do it? Women’s resignation to travel into the $10 million – in the new network Beijing April 18, according to foreign media reports, resign to travel is not new the, but have you seen after the resignation of play the world can earn a six figure salary?? From the 25 year old woman Gilles de Coty last year, resigned from the work of the financial industry, established online marketing company, succeed in earning more than $10 million a year, and still working while traveling. In New Zealand, take a private helicopter tour to Thailand, stay in Indonesia massage% at Villa?…… These are Gil’s daily life ". She said, love the past financial work every day, but do not want the immutable and frozen 10 months ago, decided to carry out her new journey. Gil’s money in addition to the door marketing company, but also in the online search for different goods resale, she also opened a personal account and social networking blog, so as to promote other companies to obtain sponsorship, etc.. One day only work four hours in order to better tourism experience, her daily work only a 4 to 5 hours, the rest are to a virtual assistant to do sth for sb. "I worked 12 hours a day at first, but now I have to learn to be smart and not work hard, as long as I can use my time effectively." Set up online marketing company Gil will travel through their own experience to publish books, and to share with other people travel or business experience. The most commendable is that her 29 year old boyfriend and partner can accompany in the side, playing around with her. Her goal is to continue to travel and manage the next set of business, and would like to travel to Greece and Cuba. She also encourages others to try to achieve a dream, sometimes just a step away, you can live your own life, to have confidence in themselves. "At the start, a little scared, but you have to believe in yourself, I keep on trying. Now I can travel around the world, working side by side in travel, completely independent life."