2Hong Kong School fever cooling South fly more than ten years of rational return in the new network|Hong Kong School fever cooling South fly more than ten years of rational return in the new network

Hong Kong School hot cool: "fly south" more than ten years of rationality in the regression in once upon a time, the Hong Kong School northward "grab people, especially love the" pinching ", attracted a large number of candidates with outstanding achievements" flying to the south, let many prestigious mainland shouted, "crying wolf". In recent years, the "flying south" "tips" seems to decrease. "Glory seems no longer", see the essence behind the phenomenon: in the rational regression. After several years of pilot enrollment, the "catfish" officially launched in 2003. This year, the Ministry of education agreed to Hongkong colleges and universities in the mainland 6 provinces and autonomous recruitment of students at their own expense. By 2007, the number of enrollment has expanded to 25 provinces and municipalities, enrollment increased to nearly 1400 people. For a time, the "Hong Kong School fever" became a high frequency vocabulary. To a certain extent, the college and the candidate’s two-way choice, like the market in the seller and the buyer: you out of the "price" high, I will choose you. Champion South fly, but also brought reflection: Hong Kong School in the end what is given the price, so that the olive branch so attractive? Is a very large number of scholarships? Or the lights of the Victoria Harbour? Or is it a teaching system that is in line with the international standards? In general, all these factors should be present. The background to see, with the economic globalization came along and education internationalization, the mainland has just opened Hong Kong school entrance gate of the first few years, such as the wind in general, "see the world" fresh sense of impact on China’s education market. The wind came, made a turn, and seemed to be gone. Today, once "million Hong Kong newspaper" the event is no longer, "the Hong Kong School hot" seems to be no further mention, "Hong Kong School cold" is run out. Actually, these two kinds of statements are not very accurate. Even if it is no longer hot, nor cold, such as Hong Kong, Hong Kong and other schools, the overall level of the international level is still maintained at a higher level, each year or attract a considerable number of mainland students to enter oneself for an examination. So, more precise argument is: Hong Kong school enrollment through more than and 10 years of history, the choice of mainland candidates tend to be rational. "I am suitable for the study and living environment in Hongkong?" "Do I fit the education model in Hongkong?" Hong Kong School is better than the Mainland Colleges and universities can fit my life planning?"…… When to throw the ball, a series of thinking into the mind of candidates. There is thinking, it is free from blindness, can not go to gradually become ill suited, which is a good thing for both the Hong Kong School and the students. , of course, if pure rushed a scholarship to the words, but also understandable, it is another aspect of the problem, but this does not mean that went to Hong Kong to study is lucrative. Read "University of Hong Kong rejected mainland champion" news, read "Curve Wrecker abandoned port, repeat the test Beijing News". College students and the "sub character, to light the said problem is the way of teaching, go deep to say is the concept of culture differences, as for so many years has been eating steamed bread, suddenly want to eat rice everyday" generally, adaptation ability is good to quickly change the role, to adapt to the poor people will complain. So, this also and professional about truth, and not the level of good or bad, for you are the king. Today, the candidates gradually have their own judgment of the port, the Hong Kong School has gradually found a real target groups. )