2CBA all star Hu Xuefeng will be staged two jobs the first person in the history|CBA all star Hu Xuefeng will be staged two jobs the first person in the history

CBA all star will be staged Hu Xuefeng wears two hats in the history of the first all star Hu Xuefeng coaches and players a shoulder tonight, the 2015-2016 season cba all star weekend will in Dongguan kicked off, five of Jiangsu players has last night arrived in game host. It is understood that the all star in the opening ceremony opening will bring make a fuss, the most cool history for the audience. In addition, kendiya coach and player Hu Xuefeng will wear two hats in the all star, became the first person in CBA history. He not only served as the North Stars Game as a player coach, will also play in the all star game. Modern Express reporter Huang c y to watch the opening sound photoelectric effect with called the history of the most cool this year’s CBA all star weekend moved to Dongguan held, the organizers also do a good job in the opening ceremony of the efforts. According to Dongguan basketball center staff said: "the opening ceremony will have many characteristics in Dongguan, we will use projection, video, in fact, is to use sound, light and electricity, to create a history of the most cool CBA all star opening ceremony, the spread of Dongguan basketball positive energy." According to the reporter, the theme of the opening ceremony is a sense of fashion and the future combination of sensory feast. The audience will feel and experience to the nine planets that orbit around the fantasy, the spacecraft will brush and projection will have a unique sound photoelectric effect. Worth mentioning is that in [China’s good voice, "Jay Chou clan to shine the Nanjing girl Chen Zitong will be at the opening ceremony to sing, she will bring for the creation of the CBA League single" one more ". It is reported that the CBA’s all star players will participate in the opening ceremony of the show, the organizers revealed that the final form of performance and participation in the players are still in the stage of confidentiality. The organizers said the Dongguan players at home will be a surprise to everyone. See Hu Xuefeng coach shoulders he is the history of the first this year’s All-Star game, a total of 5 members of the Jiangsu team to participate in, Cartier Hu Xuefeng, Yi Li, Xu Ziyang, Hou Yifan and Xi Feng Xin. Among them, Hu Xuefeng is not only the all star game in the Southern District of players, and also stars Rui match North coach. This dual identity selected all star, Hu Xuefeng became the CBA the first person in history. Interesting is that the previous CBA all star game, southern stars Rui team coach Hu Xuefeng, Wang Zhizhi, coaching the North Stars Rui team, and this time is the replacement of the position. The sharp match will be started tonight, between Hu Xuefeng and Wang Zhizhi once again put concern. This season, 36 year old Hu Xuefeng as players surrendered a perfect report, he can be contributed to 13.4 points and 4.3 assists, 3.9 rebounds and 3.2 steals. To know that in the summer of 2015, he to the identity of the Chinese men’s basketball assistant coach help national team re won the Asian championship trophy, before the start of the League until before they are put into the resumption of training. Hu Xuefeng will take off his suit, put on his shirt, he can offer what kind of data? Let us wait and see.