2Can we stop the philosopher to death|Can we stop the philosopher to death

Can we stop the philosopher to death? Before the suicide, the Jiang Xulin in the micro Bo posted Chau, Hong Kong Island photos of the zhe Xin Wang & nbsp; 2016 February 19 evening 8 o’clock, from the company’s home from work I opened the microblogging, brush out a black-and-white self portrait and wrote numerous manuscript. I didn’t think it was a paper of political science at East China Normal University, Jiang Xulin teacher’s words. About two hours later, the teacher died because of suicide in the hospital. For a long time, I also pay attention to the teacher Jiang Xulin and micro-blog. Although don’t really know him, but in the age of social networking, he be emotions are recorded in detail in its own social networking platform, let thousands of miles away readers can feel as if he lives in their own side, so as to let me record a "free man" in the eyes of the teacher Jiang. Jiang teacher’s social platform update frequently, always very delicate to their own sense of the record down. His rigorous scholarship, often refers to himself in the field of politics, the translation of comments forwarded to Douban, let people benefit. In addition, he would like to study in the "good" and "justice" and the concept of the reality of the sense of thinking, but also let people feel his kindness and sensitivity. Memory, Mr. Jiang also occasionally self habits, almost no any modification will be from the camera onto the Internet, photos as a child like demeanor, at the beginning of a glance in stitches. But if he could long gaze into his eyes, he could easily find the purity and confusion. Forget when to start, Jiang teacher began to be more bold in their own inner world in front of the crowd. Sometimes he quotes the Bible novels or sentences to express heart pain, sometimes straight from the heart. The anger of the reality of the world, the common moral of the disappointment of their own mediocrity, embarrassing situation of the lost, repeatedly tortured him. People who suffer from heart often have a glorious past and a dark reality. Once the self is full of youthful spirit now commonplace, more intolerable. Mr. Jiang is so pain has been Chen own mediocrity. He once said "to their despair and numbness, know oneself is a lost soul, only the body", "neither noble, nor a great deep clear, just a mediocre struggling." Look at what he said, I think: how many people are struggling to ease the pursuit of life, never mediocre as a problem. But Mr. Jiang and how to accept such a life, he couldn’t give up in pain on the meaning of life recourse, if can not blame their own mediocrity, lost the last vestiges of uneven mediocre spirit. But again proud soul also needs to accompany. Only after he has passed away, can one realize that he is accompanied by too little. Mr. Jiang has cited "Anna Karenina in Anna suicide:" whether it is ignited by the soul or lust, love is blinding glare, which illuminates all, it is warm and the blind… How the fire blazing, it burns out the ashes of the world is so cold. If the faith of people’s love, lost how decadent." The thirst for love and fear at the same time is full of his heart, the desire to get, fear of losing, this may be the way of the pain of the soul