2British experts on human or due to climate warming grow webbed and gill (Figure)|British experts on human or due to climate warming grow webbed and gill (Figure)

British experts human because of climate warming grow fins and gill (Figure) the British experts predict, in order to adapt to extreme climate, the future of mankind will evolve. (photograph: Taiwan’s ETTV cloud website) Reference News Network January 15, Taiwan media reports said, global warming is becoming more and more serious, all the time and frequency of extreme climate have also increased significantly. British experts bold prediction, human evolution, mutation, in order to adapt to the future more intense environment. Taiwan’s ETTV cloud website on January 15, quoted "Daily Mail" message, said Matthew, the ancients, University of Kent, England, UK experts said that climate warming lead to ice melting acceleration, causing the sea level to rise, the joint effect of many national territory tragic drowning. Ma Xiu, said human in order to cope with the unprecedented "water world", hands and feet will evolve webbed; eyes will have a cat like night vision function, and in the darkness of life under the sea. At the same time it will grow extra translucent eyelid to insulate themselves from seawater. Matthew also said that because of the land or will be submerged, human beings are very likely to evolve gills to assist in breathing, so that in shallow waters foraging, as for the lungs will gradually degenerate. In addition, if the earth into ice age, Matthew is forecast, human hair will be increased, the skin will be pale, nose and facial will also change, to inhale more warm air to the nasopharynx, and need to survive physical, muscles will become stronger. Matthew also said that the future of mankind is likely to move to other planets, when the earth’s gravity change, human beings may evolve a longer arm, as the apes in the tree swing, instead of walking. Editor: Su bud SN226