29Wenger Legend very 3 years in charge of Arsenal flowing his blood (video)|Wenger Legend very 3 years in charge of Arsenal flowing his blood (video)1

Wenger: Legend very 3 years in charge of his blood flowing Arsenal for 20 years! Coach Wenger A Senna review road Gunners Premier League Wenger hand to create today’s A Senna (data) September 30th sports news A Senna Tencent manager Wenger will usher in the charge of the Gunners 20 years anniversary, although Wenger ‘s "not too awesome", but the former Arsenal winger Ian Wright before still think Wenger should continue at least A Senna coached three seasons. Wenger and Arsenal’s contract expires at the end of the season, and the Gunners have failed to win the Premiership title in 12 seasons, not only that, but also to become the top of the lions to take over the lion of the three candidates for the Wenger. In the BBC television program, Ian Wright and Arsenal legend Martin – Keown, John – Wenger haartsen together to discuss the future. Wenger, who has won 15 trophies since the start of the campaign, said: "I hope he will continue to coach for the last three years, because he still believes in the team that has let him down."." The Gunners legend also pointed out that "despite 12 years without a championship, but the team this season, a good atmosphere. Signing Lucas Peres, and Mustafi Zacca well into the team. I’ve been blaming myself for not being able to work longer. I love the Armada, but in the past few years, we have been unable to compete for the title." The Gunners legend also stressed, "I want to say to Arsenal fans, he must not be so rude, because once after he left you will find that he let Arsenal become a world class club, but also changed the way everyone is looking at arsenal. In fact, before Wenger taught, everyone said that Arsenal played boring, boring." In the Wenger reign, Arsenal in 2006 alone among a Champions League final, but the final 1 to 2 loss to Barcelona, which in turn leads to Basa Henry in 2007 (official data). In 2012, Van Persie also switched to rivals, which makes Wright questioned Wenger’s transfer policy, "when Henry left with Barcelona won the Champions League, this basically is to tell the players’ here you cannot win the Champions League," it makes me feel very sad. After Van Persie went to Manchester, as in the past the prolific, they almost rely on his goal to win the league. I don’t think they will win without Van Persie. I think Wenger is sometimes not too awesome signings." (Obail)