29Suning opened the twenty million Championship winner won the championship champion Lippi|Suning opened the twenty million Championship winner won the championship champion Lippi3

The exposure of Suning twenty million Champion Award winning champion Lippi Adams handsome flat number Suning FA Cup 7 point win tonight, Jiangsu Suning will usher in the home court and the Guangzhou Hengda Football Association Cup final second leg. The first leg of the game, Jiangsu Suning away 1 to 1 war Ping Heng, holding an away goal advantage. Suning coach cuilong Zhu said although the strength is not dominant, but hope to give the fans surprise. Hengda coach Scolari is confident of the game, I believe that the constant will win. Cuilong Zhu: not allowed for the medal when triggered at any moment war, Suning coach cuilong Zhu said: "we have the final such an important moment, I believe that this team is qualified and the strength of the championship, in the face of super best coach and the strongest team, our strength is weak, but I believe we can use a title as a gift to the fans." Although Scolari and Zheng Zhidou said, Hengda’s final experience, but cuilong Zhu believes that the game is to look at the players, "Scolari and Zheng Zhi are very confident, we have recognized their argument. After the opponent is six trophies won the Super League team, have experienced players. Confidence in the game is very important, but more importantly, or who play better." FC Seoul coach cuilong Zhu, had in the 2013 season finals to AFC Champions League away goal defeat Hengda, about this, cuilong Zhu said, "3 years ago because I missed the away goal disadvantage champion, Seoul has become a forgotten by history runner up, this is a profound lesson. Tomorrow’s game, Hengda is definitely the strength to achieve the goal, and in return for the fans, we can not play boring game. Two mistakes in the same opponent is definitely an amateur, and I’m not going to let that happen." In the domestic arena, Suning home court still unbeaten, this is a big weight cuilong Zhu FA Cup second round, "this year, our home court record is really good, but I don’t think the first leg draw for us. The opponent’s away record is also very good, we will not be flat tomorrow, we hope to resolve the fighting within 90 minutes." Scolari: more experienced Hengda first leg home court 1 to 1 score for Hengda is not ideal, so Suning take a precious away goal, came to Nanjing Hengda in addition to win no retreat. In the face of such a situation, Scolari firmly expressed confidence to win. Scolari said, to play away prior to super Suning, Hengda in the Super League champions appearances, but now the FA Cup champion has not got a hand, "to Nanjing, I was allowed to the losing team, but we are not allowed to lose tomorrow. I don’t know what tomorrow will be like to welcome us, but I believe that my players, I believe that my team will be able to win the Championship here tomorrow." For the first and second off the race, Scolari said, "we play our way to win the game, away from home is the same." For the preparation of the team, Scolari said: everything is normal, the good news is that Feng Xiaoting will return in this game." For Suning super foreign aid, Scolari said:.