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The comprehensive reform of grassroots must be strong, live, stability – people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: "be strong, comprehensive reform of primary activity and stability in September 29th, grassroots health work forum held in Jiangsu Province, Yancheng City Dafeng District, the national health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Ma Xiaowei said at the meeting, with the continued to promote the reform of a new round of public hospitals in the new era, under the new situation, the primary health work is facing some new problems, further improve the comprehensive reform of primary health, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the medical staff at the grassroots level, give priority to solve the most urgent problems, reflect grassroots grassroots priority to solve the most want to solve the problem, and make great efforts to improve the basic service ability, so as to realize the" county, township, village live strong stability". Ma Xiaowei said, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the medical staff at the grassroots level, according to the national health and wellness conference to focus on the grassroots level work requirements, in formulating compensation mechanism, scientific and reasonable income distribution mechanism to actively explore, fully embodies the basic medical staff labor value, reflecting the hard work and excellent merit pay, increase the attraction of grass-roots posts. At the same time, but also to solve the problem of occupation development of grassroots medical staff, to create a suitable environment for the practice, to attract jobs through the attraction of talent, retain by providing personal growth and development space of talents, through a variety of incentive measures to make the grassroots people give full play to the initiative, to promote the sustainable development of basic health services, to provide safe and effective basic medical care, public health and health management services for patients. Ma Xiaowei pointed out that the first three quarters of this year, the basic operation of the new mechanism to continuously consolidate and progress in the comprehensive reform of primary health, primary health care and job training skills competition like a raging fire, and constantly improve the level of medical support, continue to promote basic public health services, better focus on the completion of tasks scheduled at the beginning. Hope that all can continue to actively explore the comprehensive reform of grassroots health practice, to extract more good experiences and good practices, to solidify in the policy and institutional level, the rest together through learning from. Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and other 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) representatives of the health and family planning department attended the forum, and introduced the progress of grassroots health reform around the country. (reporter Ye Longjie) (Juan Xu Xinyi, commissioning editor: right)