28Runners share Oh God. I was the last one in North Malaysia|Runners share Oh God. I was the last one in North Malaysia1

Runners share: Oh God. I was the last one north north horse horse last name. September autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance. Once a year, North horse came again. In September 17th, the sky was grey, like haze. This day, the Mid Autumn Festival is the last day of the holiday is the thirty-sixth Beijing marathon running days. Beijing marathon, referred to as the North horse, China’s longest marathon, in fact, is also a 80. The game, really began in the heart of the motherland – Tiananmen, starting from now, after 42.195 km trek, and finally arrived at the Olympic Park landscape Avenue, central plaza. Thirty thousand people attended, only the whole, and the number of tickets, indeed deserved the Chinese first marathon. This year, after a fierce battle, Ethiopia’s Gebulei · Niuwu Ndiaye in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 09 seconds won the championship. Women in Ethiopia’s figure in 2 hours – Perugia Mendi 25 points 56 seconds to win the women’s champion, created 10 years women’s best results. There are many runners, under full recharge, cool weather time and ran out of the PB (personal best); to participate in the marathon for the first time running friends, also fulfiled to harvest a pain, enjoy the feeling of running a marathon. Proud of you, proud of you. I’m gonna tell you about my third North horse experience. It can be said that this is my most harvest a North horse, not because of the weather, not because of the supply of North horses, but not I ran out of the PB. Just because I ran the last. Well, yes, I think that in the last few seconds, when the end point from coast to coast, he was shut out, however, download a certificate of achievement in the official website to see the ranking, I was really shocked. In the race to official figures, 28957 people to finish the race, I also honor to become 28957th people (the finish rate, worthy of the North horse is Chinese 1). Regardless of all the rankings, as well as gender, and age group rankings, I deserve it — the last. School report。 Enlarged edition. Clam clam. I never thought it would happen magically. As a runner, running for more than three years, ok. Unfortunately, in May this year in TNF100, 40 km a sprained right foot, not how strong my natural character, still adhere to the end of the remaining more than and 50 kilometers, the last 25 hours, Qiazhao time to finish the race. Since then, the injured stopped running for more than four months, only a few times in the middle and off the mountain. I do not want to run the North horse, but can not stand the temptation of the track, or reported the name. Results there is no success. Finally, through a kind-hearted man, got a place to play. In fact, to participate in the North horse, the injury has not been fully restored. So, if your horse is running north third times soy sauce. The heart is determined to be the most, this must run the worst out of the North horse scores, can be regarded as another meaningful commemoration. The first two North horses, are running into