28It can make you free fun cool touch bar|It can make you free fun cool touch bar9

It can make you free fun cool Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. Where is it? It must be the magic of the above Touch Bar, but with Touch Bar Pro expensive ah, 13 inches are to be 13888, the baby heart bitter, but the baby does not say. The good news is that there is a large foreign god has developed a software, so you can experience the free Touch Bar function, the name of this App is quite straightforward, called TouchBarDemoApp (link here). You can install the App on your old Mac, through the Fn key to control, when you open a different application, the screen virtual Touch Bar can show a different effect, let you enjoy its specific functions. In addition, you can also install it on the iPad, connected with the Mac, you can through the iPad touch screen, personal feel Touch Bar feel. Do not badly? It is a kind of "obscenity" software, but anyway, it is free of charge, and can let you in the new MacBook Pro has not been shipped to taste fresh. When the friends get off the new nouveau riche, you can sniffily laugh "ha ha, Lao Tzu early experience, even in the new machine very skilled demonstration, well, more force than force.