283-0 Yanbian take the key to avoid relegation Liaozu 3 points James 2 ball Ujae Jiangong (video)|3-0 Yanbian take the key to avoid relegation Liaozu 3 points James 2 ball Ujae Jiangong (video)0

3-0 Yanbian take the key to avoid relegation Liaozu 3 points James 2 goals [] Ujae Jiangong battlefield Liaozu 3-0 win over Yanbian Ukraine Jaime two James broke the twenty-sixth round of the super sports stiff Tencent in September 24th started a northeast Derby, Liaoning Hongyun sits home court against promoted Yanbian flight. After the opening, Liaozu a continued threat to the city of Yanbian, and by James in Fourteenth minutes to break the deadlock, the first half stoppage time Ujae lead, the second half of the contest, Yanbian’s Pei Yuwen and Steve each hit a door before the end of the game, Ujae scored two of the final 3-0 win Liaozu recently got first in 3 games sheng. At the same time, Liaozu 32 points ended in relegation Yanbian suffered 4 straight away. [Click to enter the Tencent to participate in the discussion of community sports game] focus Liaozu 3 war victory, basic ashore: after 2 games, 0-2 and 2-6 in Liaozu continuous score by the national security and Evergrande, but after the victory over Yanbian, get the key way to avoid relegation Liaozu 3 points. Before the end of the 26 round of the league, Liaozu currently holding 32 points, which can be declared successful landing. James fourteenth, Yanbian: the first season Liaozu revenge game, Liaozu 1-4 defeat away to newly promoted Ma Yanbian, returned to the home court from the outset Liaozu began the onslaught, and James’s opener, it is worth mentioning is that the 36 year old veteran of the season fourteenth ball, but before the end of the first half James back injury. This may affect the competition in the golden boot. The road from Yanbian to collapse: Lost Liaozu, Yanbian suffered 2 defeats, after the game 0-3 defeat to the national security. After the defeat to Yanbian and the distant foot, the last 4 away all lost the 13 game of the season, 1 wins, 2 draws and 10 defeats, Portsmouth taixia team although advance ashore, but squeeze away ability weakness has not been solved. U GA James both Jiangong replay second minutes, Kim Seung big face two Liaozu defensive player picked the ball, Yang Shanping was pulled down, Chi Zhong Guo surgeon kick direct free kick shot, the ball was Shi Xiaotian flying saved the bottom line. Twelfth minutes, James ball to the edge of the area will be Ujae, Ujae homeopathic Zhise restricted, but Kim Yasunobu plug Tui far corner of the pool is a ball confiscated. Thirteenth minutes, Liaozu threw the game ball, Ujae ferry headed the ball to James, James took the ball to the edge of the Yanbian box, face out of Chi Wenyi, a Tui Liaozu home court to break the deadlock, 1-0, this is the fourteenth James goals this season. James goal playback twenty-first minutes, the ball will be knocked off the ball in the forbidden area of the plug in the Yang Yu, but unfortunately, the push of the pool was a magic text to block out the body of the text of the passage of the, but also in the area of the game, the goal of the game in the area of the game in the forbidden area of the city. Thirty-fifth minutes, Yang Shanping blocked the break Steve foul, pool will kick to Zhong Guo area, Hetaijun header before the attack to grab the ball after the rub Shi Xiaotian sent into the net, but the linesman flagged for offside Hetaijun goal, but from the slow motion, the ball only in inches. Hetaijun broke the offside invalid first half stoppage time, Weiduoxiqi right will the ball into the box, Ujae chesting, then sideways volley, the ball pool to save less, drill into the corner, distant will score)