27Yang Jinzhi gold full swing weak crude oil inventories routine wind|Yang Jinzhi gold full swing weak crude oil inventories routine wind5

Yang Jinzhi: gold full swing the weakness of crude oil inventory is not an eventful year mid autumn wind routine, just got up in the morning of typhoon Meranti landing message on the overwhelming, to a mess, at noon break up and saw 5.4 earthquake Ejiala melon, as for the current situation is not very clear. However, gold and silver as the leading hedge products, the market is currently not much fluctuation. The crude joke by accident last night EIA, managed to recover and then taking up or turn down, like a long time again recorded a line, I said that I can only smile face routine too deep. For now it seems gold in the Fed rate hike spells even can be identified, September hike is hopeless, but the market is so bland it seems to have fed up with their own interest personally poured into the bull market will re fire gold. And next week’s fed meeting on interest rates, the market generally expected results or as before to maintain interest rates unchanged, as for the author’s point of view is that you can certainly tell you directly is impossible to raise interest rates in September. The unknown risk may lead to earlier first off Europe is negligible, followed by a series of recent weak data show that the United States is not strong enough to immediately enter the pace of rate hikes, payrolls data (like at the beginning of the month less than expected 180 thousand, add 151 thousand people, the unemployment rate was 4.9%, ISM August service index lower than expected rate of expansion, inflation in the U.S. the rate is only about 1%, the consumer confidence index 89.80, the expected value of 90.80 that the American consumer confidence, consumer spending or decrease, etc.) in the world now are in a negative interest rate situation, the last is the United States will usher in the presidential election, and Hilary as a candidate recently in health as for how the incident behind the situation still can make nothing of it. So many of these results are clear that the current situation is a trend, I believe the Fed did not reach to blindly raise interest rates and reckless. Of course, these are only personal point of view, can only say that different people have different views. For the gold market outlook is still bullish, while the substantial increase in gold ETF positions are likely to become the main driving force to promote higher gold prices. But those are not now need to be considered, now need to do is to grasp the current opportunity can be a clear understanding of the current situation. From the technical point of view: gold gold rebounded after dropping on Wednesday, the daily chart five Yin cut out a candle correction, which is consistent with the expectations of the plate last night, the first in Europe, fell slightly, halt the troops and wait the continuation of anti bounce disc plate, and the volatility of the stock market in the interest rate before the meeting will last for a period of time. Now the daily chart small Shenyang rebound correction, just near the 5 line pressure, driven by the short-term moving average system Guaitou stage, but the next two days also can not break out now weekly rail support 1308 position, but this possibility not to think, so today’s market can buy low sell high ideas around Yang Jinzhi, the specific idea will be given in a timely manner in the session. Gold operation strategy to rebound near 1324 short.