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Ji Gang: on the "diet" error – Sohu published health: Ji Gang deputy chief physician, associate professor, PhD, master tutor, vice director of gastrointestinal surgery, the First Affiliated Hospital of The Fourth Military Medical University. Weight loss is a hot topic in the modern society, everyone has their own diet". Do you feel that you should eat the food, eat a meal every day a good meal, but the weight is not down? At this point, you should see if you have made these mistakes. "8 misunderstandings diet": 1 healthy meals, eat too much even if you eat something very healthy, you also need to control the amount of food, healthy food also have heat, not because of momentary greedy and eat too much food. It’s best to keep track of food intake. 2, do not pay attention to the quality and variety of food intake if you really want to strictly control the diet, you need to determine the daily calories required, as well as the amount of fat, sugar and salt. Recommended daily intake: buy food before you look at the nutritional content of food. Low fat does not mean low calories, because you want to ensure that the taste needs to add more sugar to make up to see if the content of carbohydrates is not high! 3, often to make trouble "presumptuous meal" from time to time have presumptuous meal, or presumptuous meal eat too much, you can easily lead to the lack of concentration, easy to give up, eventually failed to lose weight. You need to know that you are just healthier than before, and now you are better! 4, in order not to increase the weight without water actually, only water shortage will cause the human body continuously accumulated water as compensation, and make the body more prone to accumulation of fat, leading to obesity. Lack of water may also cause the body’s metabolic disorder, resulting in energy absorption, release less. Therefore, for those who lose weight, drinking water is not only can not achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also cause more serious damage to health. 5, do not eat breakfast, a Imperial College London study found that people who do not eat breakfast are more likely to overeat at noon or evening, eat high calorie foods. Regularly eat three meals a day, find their own rhythm, to avoid metabolic and appetite disorders. 6, do not eat snacks to lose weight does not mean not to eat snacks, learn to listen to the voice of the body, hungry to eat a healthy snack. There are many good snacks, they are not high protein is high fiber, such as nuts, vegetables, low sugar fruits, etc.. 7, do not eat enough to eat too little or not excessive calorie intake, because this will greatly reduce your metabolic rate, and burn muscles, so that thin weight loss. Recommended weekly weight loss should not exceed 1kg (2lb). 8, by eating too much and reward yourself according to the survey of 86% people are happy to eat food to treat yourself, by 74%. Through the introduction of the above we know to eat diet diet, the 8 errors, you need to correct attitude towards food, reasonable arrangements for their diet. If you have such mistakes