27Exposure Liverpool core or 75 million went to basaso God less – Sohu jointly formulate Sports|Exposure Liverpool core or 75 million went to basaso God less – Sohu jointly formulate Sports8

Exposure Liverpool core or 75 million went to basaso God less co instigation – Sohu sports   exposure; Barcelona 75 million lock core Coutinho Liverpool is one of the most outstanding football player in England, the new season 10 Premier League games with 4 goals and 4 assists, led Liverpool to 7 wins 2 flat 1 negative results, with 23 points, only to inferior goal difference in in the third row of the table. In fact, since 2013, the transfer from the international Milan, Coutinho has been in a rising trend, and gradually become the Liverpool thigh, so far 156 games scored a goal of 33 assists for the second time in 33. In October Liverpool’s best player of the year, Coutinho has no suspense. This season, a game the best kudiniao is the Premier League opener, his two goals helped Liverpool win 4-3 arsenal. It is reported that the kudiniao Liverpool contract expires in the summer of 2020, the club in order to retain him, ready to give him a new contract, life extension, and greatly enhance the salary. But the recent news that the possibility of Liverpool to keep Coutinho little, because Real Madrid and Barcelona on his earlier look at fiercely as a tiger does an interview, Ronaldo wants Coutinho to join the pro Cheng, Bernabeu. From the Spanish media reported that Coutinho is closer to Barcelona, the reason is that two of his friends have played in red and blue army, one is Neymar, one is Suarez, the former is small, the latter a deep friendship between Enfield and Coutinho. It is reported that before the Barcelona 1-3 away defeat to Manchester City Champions League group phase, Suarez visited Liverpool training base, Mel Wu, the purpose of this trip is to visit the old club publicly, but the fact is that the meeting with Coutinho. This is not, kudiniao even "return", go to Manchester, met with a lot of players in the hotel in Barcelona, the public is seeing Suarez and Neymar. With the Barcelona players so frequent contact, said Coutinho is not interested in Nokamp, it is absolutely false, after all, Barcelona is one of the top teams in world football. Spanish media reported that the Barcelona of Coutinho is also very interested, especially Iniesta’s age is more and more big, the club needs him to find a suitable successor, and is in line with Liverpool core. It is reported that Barcelona in order to sign Coutinho, has been prepared for 75 million euros, the price is only slightly less than the summer of 2014, when the acquisition of Suarez. (little care)