27Exhaust door event is now a breakthrough, Asian engineers recognized Volkswagen exhaust valve – Sohu|Exhaust door event is now a breakthrough, Asian engineers recognized Volkswagen exhaust valve – Sohu1

Exhaust door event or a breakthrough, Asian engineers recognized public – Sohu (the automobile exhaust door car daily) as the investigation of the public "exhaust door" incident, the U.S. government gradually become, recently, the first and the United States signed a plea agreement by public prosecutors have been involved. According to foreign media reports, pleaded guilty to a public engineer named James Robert Liang, acknowledged the prosecution of its involvement in the development of tail gas fraud allegations. It is understood that the charges on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the United States government and consumers conspiracy crime, communications fraud and breach of clean air act, the verdict will be announced in January next year. Insiders said that since the United States government since the survey "exhaust door" incident, the first public officials pleaded guilty and convicted, could face imprisonment and a fine of $250 thousand for 5 years, what is worse, the James Robert Liang was a civil lawsuit, therefore, actual results may be worse. The bane of last September, the United States Environmental Protection Agency accused Volkswagen sold some diesel vehicles equipped with dedicated to emissions testing software, so that the vehicle can pass to "high environmental standards" in the car, usually in actual driving, the car is a lot of arch-criminal discharge of pollutants, even up to 40 times the maximum statutory U.S. standard. The illegal discharge of cars including involving years after sales of the Beatles, golf, Jetta, Audi A3, and 2014 to 2015 Passat. Since then, the public and the U.S. government has been in a stalemate state, although the public have promised the United States Environmental Protection Agency, in Tennessee Char Thanou Fagafaga’s factory production of electric cars, and to assist the establishment of charging pile network throughout the United States; but consumers and dealers step by step could be as high as $25 billion in damages the prosecution appeal, and try to dig the truth to make public a headache. The public and the public have been holding a negative attitude, therefore, in the James Robert Liang pleaded guilty after the media satire, "untie" the public can finally how to use the mysterious means to control the clean diesel engine and fool consumers and inspection agencies at least seven years of secret. Secret according to reports, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a statement on September 9th and court documents, which covers the "exhaust door" in September last year before exposure, excerpt from the mail content between US regulators during the investigation of mass engineer. The prosecution in the indictment pointed out that since the fall of 2006 to September 2015, "James Robert Liang and its partners agree to mislead the public and consumers believe that its diesel engine exhaust emission standards in line with the United States," the James Robert Liang in 2006 to participate in the EA 1892 liter diesel engine research and development work, and in the development process, James Robert Liang and his colleagues soon realized that the engine can not be launched in 2007 America with nitrogen oxides.