27China’s ten year plan to open the ice and snow is expected to open trillion market|China’s ten year plan to open the ice and snow is expected to open trillion market4

China’s ten year plan of ice and snow is expected to open trillion market         by the joint research and development of the ministries and commissions of the snow and ice sports development plan (2016-2025) was officially released. A huge ice motion planning, to stimulate the Pathfinder yesterday rose nearly 6 points. The 2 day, snow sports development plan by four ministries on the "(2016-2025)" officially released, the planning and construction of the National Snow and ice facilities at the same time by seven ministries jointly study and formulate the "(2016-2022)" is also supporting the introduction of. This seemingly cold winter sports industry, the market potential should not be underestimated. "Planning" mentioned that in 2020 the total size of China’s ice and snow industry reached 600 billion yuan, in 2025 the total size of China’s ice and snow industry reached $10000. Ice and snow industry will usher in a huge market trillion scale. It is reported that China’s ice and snow sports industry has initially formed a fitness and leisure oriented, competitive performances, venue services, sports training and sports tourism and other industries to develop the pattern of cooperation. Ice and snow sports participation and training demand, competitions are increasingly rich, and rapid development of the tourism industry, and site construction and operation of a higher degree of marketization, snow products and related products manufacturing growth space. "Plan" also pointed out that the introduction and hosting of professional ice and snow events and continue to do the same. However, the ice industry still exist such problems as mass popularity is not high for many problems, "planning" proposed five main tasks, one is to popularize the winter sports training of youth ice snow sports skills, promote fitness project. Two is to improve the level of ice and snow sports, optimize the layout of ice and snow sports events, and actively organize the 2022 winter olympics. The three is to promote the development of ice and snow industry, accelerate the promotion of snow and ice fitness and leisure industry, and actively cultivate the ice and snow show industry, innovation and development of ice and snow equipment manufacturing industry. Four is to increase the supply of venues and facilities. Five is to deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms, the development of ice and snow sports organizations, and steadily promote the professionalization of some projects. A shares of listed companies is expected to significantly benefit, is deep years toread outdoor sports. Company three quarterly this year, the sports section mainly to foreign investment and Gongyi song top ski operations. Foreign investment through mutual funds and the Pathfinder and DreamWorks two platform, Pathfinder and fund the first phase of 110 million yuan has been raised in a number of key projects and the completion of the ice world investment. In addition, Gongyi song top ski has completed the construction of 22 snow road and other facilities, with 5000 people every day, skiing and mountain sports tourism reception capacity. Wanda Group is also ahead of the layout of the field of ice and snow sports. Under the flag of Changbai Mountain (19.410, 0.25, 1.30%) International Ski Resort scale is the largest in Asia, the world ranking of Canada Ecosign company featuring design 5 Olympic venues, the first design, ski resort covers an area of 7 square kilometers, a total of 43 ski runs, to meet the requirements of the senior Olympic Games in.