26Japan responded low-key act to protect Li Shishi and the Asian Cup|Japan responded low-key act to protect Li Shishi and the Asian Cup2

The Japanese side responded: low profile for the protection of Li Shishi and the Asian Cup Li Shishi on Dokdo sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 2nd, the twenty-eighth Asian Cup first round match started in Japan in Tokyo. Asian Cup was revoked with the latest progress of the NHK and the Japanese ki is the starting point for the protection of Li Shishi and the protection of the Asian Cup smoothly. In early June 30th, Li Shishi and South Korean artist Jin Changxun to lead the disputed Dokdo (Takeshima) chess sparked concern in japan. Because Li Shishi is the defending champion of the last Asian Cup, so get the qualification to participate in the Asian cup. But after landing on the island, there are a lot of Japanese activists against Li Shishi to participate in japan. The game was arranged in the hotel, inconvenient arrangement guards force. So it will not be able to eliminate some extremists into the hotel, if someone harassment, abuse or even to Li Shishi is a personal attack. The consequences are unbearable to imagine. This will not only hurt Li Shishi himself, will directly affect the normal conduct of the Asian cup. Considering the above reasons, to prevent the situation out of control toward the direction of development, the NHK and the Japanese ki agreed that take low-key attitude held the Asian Cup, including foreign not to disclose the name of hotel. As for the live broadcast, NHK shooting the whole event, will be played later. And the Japanese side also said that in 2013 the Asian Cup held in Japan, there is no full live broadcast, but when the Iyama Yuta finals live. So, there is no reason to cancel the broadcast because of political events, all low-key action just to protect the normal race. (Zhang Qi)