25Japan and Australia are expected to sign a revised version of the agreement to make supplies availab|Japan and Australia are expected to sign a revised version of the agreement to make supplies availab3

Japan and Australia signed a revised version of the agreement to provide ammunition supplies possible news – Sohu in new network on 20 November, according to Japanese media reports, Japan and Australia to the governments of the two countries held in late December foreign minister (2+2, Secretary of defense consultations consultations) signed the "agreement on mutual supplies Services" (ACSA) revised edition, the Japanese self defense forces between safety and security the relevant bill and the Australian Army are possible based on the supply of ammunition. Japanese government sources 19, revealed the news. Ministerial consultations between the two sides are expected to be held in Tokyo before December 20th. Analysts said that in the United States President elect Trump how to deal with security issues in the Asia Pacific region is not clear, the Japanese government hopes to strengthen cooperation with Australia, Japan and Australia to promote security cooperation in the. Reported that Japan and Australia can make the military mutual financing of goods and services ACSA agreement in January 2013. The agreement provides for participation in United Nations peacekeeping operations (PKO), humanitarian international relief activities and joint training and other circumstances, but does not include the provision of ammunition. According to the security law, when important effects have an important impact on peace and security of Japan’s "situation" happens, Japan can also provide rear support to other countries outside of the U.S. Army, and provide ammunition. In September this year, the Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio held talks in New York with Australian Foreign Minister Bishop, the two sides held consultations in Tokyo foreign minister defense minister (2+2 consultation) and signed the new ACSA agreement. This is the second in Sydney last November after consultations, the two sides held again foreign minister defense consultations. Japan is expected to the shore field and defense minister Inada Tomomi, the Australian side will have Bishop and defense minister Payne attended the meeting.