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"Excuse me" parents which caused injuries to the child? "Excuse me" – Sohu maternal parents which caused injury to the child? Wen Xu Mei as a white-collar workers, work pressure, busy, always accompany the neglect of the child. Usually come home from work too tired, weekend is not working overtime is a business trip, accompanied by a modern parents have become a problem. In the child’s growth, the company is the best love for him, but also the key to the development of children’s personality and good habits. Only when children learn the best nutrients, they will become more warm and happy. Company is the best treatment for children, I often say: the company is mutual, love is given to each other. In the process of growing up with the children, we are also in the process of self-cultivation. Many parents have said, I am very busy, I’m busy making money, busy working, busy for a big house, busy for you to create a good life… In my opinion… These are excuses, money and children for you, which is more important? The company is the best parenting for children, as parents, we can do is to protect the children of the moment of happiness and joy, do not waste time, give the child the best concentration. The child’s growth only once, when you understand the importance of parent-child relationship, I believe you will be more willing to spend time with their children. Excuse me for the parents of the child harm? Case 1: five year old sweet due to her mother’s long-term overtime, lack of companionship, the heart is very sensitive. She had been longing for her mother’s embrace, for a long time not lying in her mother’s arms to listen to her story. In a parent meeting, a buddy for her mother’s absence about let her very sad, crying in the classroom more out of control. I saw the sweet comfort she said: "you don’t be sad, my mother often fail to deceive me, adults are the same, love is a liar, liar." Analysis: parents should be the child most trusted people, but in fact because my mother long miss, cheat, cause the child does not trust mother. Five year old sweet to say such a thing, no doubt because the mother is always busy with work, too little time to accompany the child. Advise parents not only work overtime, promised the children to do excuse me too much, it is easy to hurt the child’s heart. Case 2: 11 year old boy Gon Freecss because parents are always busy with business to accompany, eat every day in addition to the toilet is love set in front of the computer, in the course of time a game and, finally can not extricate themselves immersed in the network world. Beatings are useless, and finally learned to lie, and parents also have to persuade, not to regard it as right said: "now I know that it was doing." Analysis: the punishment is the most incompetent parents education way, in the face of the child’s addiction, don’t scold and scold, but learn to communicate with their children, to understand what he really need is what. The reason why the child will say such words, it must be felt that his parents do not care about him. Learn to listen and guide, don’t let me influence children’s development. Case 3: lack of communication with parents and children, children are more willing to share with their friends. A 9 year old boy in Guangzhou.