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The 24 year old star Miller left the flash right "magical animal" Ezra · Miller "magic" watermelon head animal in this role and stupid Colin · Fairui’s role has many scenes starring Miller flash (right) will participate in the "Justice League" Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 15th news, according to foreign media reported that the 24 year old Ezra · Miller (Ezra Miller) has become one of the rising stars of Hollywood. By virtue of his "being a wallflower" (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), "we need to talk about Kevin" (We Need to Talk About Kevin) Dafangguangcai, now joined the "magic animal where" (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), has also become a DC movie in the universe’s new flash. The day before Miller accepted the foreign media Collider interview, talked about their next two masterpiece. Question: I remember the interview four years ago, you said is not willing to play big movies or movies, now you not only then suddenly two, and the two will keep you busy for ten years or longer, what changed your mind? Miller: I was just fascinated by the story and couldn’t turn down the chance. I really love the DC universe, so when the opportunity comes, I almost can not resist the choice. The same thing happened when I got a call from the magic animal. Q: what can you tell us about the role of Clay Dinse (Credence)? How much do you know about the character? Miller: they just told me one thing: the relationship between the character and his stepmother is very bad, on this basis, I made some improvisation, this is a very good connection. Clay Dinse’s role was one of the most interesting auditions ever since, and I met with director David ·, Yates (David), producer David · and Heyman (David) in New York in. I waited anxiously for a few weeks, and then they made a choice. Question: I think Clay Dinse is a somewhat different role at the beginning, but the relationship between many roles and the mother you played before have some problems, so that the character is so big difference, to some extent, Clay Dinse did not fight back. Miller: of course, as an actor, in portraying the character, I guess you’d expect me to expand his complex relationship with his mother. (laughter) this will obviously satisfy the desire of the part of my psychoanalysis. Question: you tend to play the easy-going, playful character, you have a lot of improvement, there are a lot of experience in this area, but the "magic animals," Clay Dinse is a gloomy相关的主题文章: