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The 24 year old actress exposed by making sexual harassment 1 years: no one touched my 24 year old actress exposure was making sexual harassment 1 years no one touched me Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported that the 24 year old actress Lin really also face sweet, has starred in "big family", "long tail perch eel is 2" film, gradually open visibility. And her 3 self entertainment insider revealed, at the age of 18 in Taipei to a round dream, did not expect to encounter a J named veteran music producer, even by the other side of sexual harassment for 1 years! According to reports, Lin also recalled the time by relatives, as the assistant J producer, but did not expect to hear the man said, "do you know that the arts are derived from sex?" Then the other was shangxiajishou, AB touch the thighs, buttocks, her unbearable, 1 years after the resignation, the other side was choking back "I think you have slowly into the garden path!" I also came to Kaohsiung forest, Taipei Red Star Road, had to work in their own seafood restaurant, tea shop, also participated in the contest to win, the respondents said the past work had never been molested, did not expect to go to Taipei first encountered lessons, was not a friend in Taipei, and relatives, "I never thought otherwise." She said the J producer has been more than and 50 years old, had a record, but also married and divorced actress. From Kaohsiung to Taipei Lin Lin also read half of the University of truth, when he served as assistant to the producer of J, 10 thousand yuan a month salary, did not join the health insurance, but did not expect to be harassed by the other day. Recall the painful experience, my soul is trampled, even the MRT was also strong grasp of love, "almost as long as four and no one will touch my head, ears, touch hands will also touch the face, finally sliding down my waist, but touched my thighs and hips, said to help me out, I really don’t love it, thought don’t enter the entertainment circle must be treated as such?"相关的主题文章: