23Half – Welsh 1-0 Serbia, Baer volley – Sports Sohu|Half – Welsh 1-0 Serbia, Baer volley – Sports Sohu3

Half – Welsh 1-0 Serbia, Baer volley – Sports Sohu Beijing time on November 13th at 3:45 a.m., a focus of the war of World Cup European zone group launched the first phase of D, between Welsh and Serbia in the first half, Baer shot the first record, Kanu header wide, the end of the first half, Welsh 1-0 ahead of Serbia. Highlights: ninth minutes, Baer restricted area before the swing volley, the ball slightly higher than. Seventeenth minutes, Ivanovic header, the ball was in the back door of the defensive column out of the Taylor. Twenty-third minutes in the penalty area after shaking the neat volley ball, blocked by Hennessey. Thirtieth minutes, Baer restricted area before the ball swing volley nets, 1-0! Thirty-second minutes, Kanu Ramsey received the ball header, the ball slightly missed. Thirty-fifth minutes, Taylor foul on Tadizzy, but still insisted on Qi blood than to play. The two sides starting lineup: Welsh Hennessey; Neal – Taylor, Williams, Chester, Gunter; Joe Alan, Ramsey, Ledley, Baer; Waxman, Kanu, Danny – Ward, O- subs: Williams, Du Mei, Edwards, Macdonald, Laurence, Kurt Huss, Lille, A- Mathews, Andy king, Williams J-. Joe – Walsh Serbia debut: V- Stojkovic; Lukaweina, Maksim, Ivanovic, Nastasic, Matic, Miliwo Austria Bula Dovichi; Ossip; Tadic; mitt costitx, rowitch subs: Jovanovic, RAJKOVIC, D- Tosic, mitt rowitch, Pejcinovic N-, Godell N-, Tosic Z-, Malkovich radocha, A- cattai, Pavlovic Mulder, Norwich