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In patients with chronic liver disease to paste – conditioning Sohu health viral hepatitis, fatty liver, autoimmune liver disease and liver disease is a common disease and frequently occurring disease in our country, there is still a lack of specificity for hepatitis B, radical antiviral treatment methods of autoimmune liver disease, but the lack of etiological treatment, and fatty liver easy to be influenced by the way of life and recurrent liver disease, thus easily chronicity, develop cirrhosis etc.. Autumn wind is cool, winter is coming. In the outpatient department of liver surgery, the patient is often asked, "doctor, can I get some cream in winter?" Indeed, the old saying: "winter tonic, spring season, the tiger winter tonic, can improve people’s physique, so that in the coming year, there is a strong body. One of the commonly used Chinese herbal extract tonic has a long history, the Song Dynasty has a splendid sight. Mr. Qin Bowei pointed out that in the modern medical encyclopedia "" paste: paste, cover from medicine juice into fat liquor, and so the nutrition of the viscera weakness is boring". The function of the cream can cover the supplement of Qi, blood, Yin, Yang and so on, which is suitable for chronic patients, sub healthy people, the elderly, etc.. Chronic liver disease need to pay attention to the treatment of herbal paste, this is because: (a) the human liver is an important chemical plant, and synthesis of sugar, fat, protein and hormone metabolism were numerous in the liver. Chinese medicine also believes that the main liver tendons, for the strike (tired) of the pole, that is, the loss of liver will lead to soft muscle fatigue. The majority of patients with chronic liver disease with fatigue fatigue, poor spirit "virtual" in performance, so it needs the virtual filling". The paste is also called soft, these drugs have tonic effect for chronic liver disease with deficiency is very suitable for performance. Chronic liver disease is characterized by the development of "chronic hepatitis B cirrhosis of the liver." in this process, "virtual lesion" is an important feature of the disease. In the early stage liver disease of damp heat evil is evil, with the progression of the disease, constantly consuming Qi deficiency, so that students "product" is the product of cirrhosis or liver cancer. Therefore, it is helpful to prevent and control the development of chronic liver disease to liver cirrhosis. () Chinese medicine "liver yin and Yang", although that is the role of the liver is the movement of the human body, digestion, but the inherent physical basis for hidden in the body of yin and blood and semen, Yin Yin easily Haoshang blood. Therefore, even if there is no obvious external manifestations of fatigue dysfunction, but also to actively maintain the liver yin, nourishing the liver to protect liver with so-called body. Although chronic viral hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and autoimmune liver disease and fatty liver patients, especially the repeated attacks, the weak Shenpi patients is very suitable for winter taking paste, but should pay attention to: (a) not all patients with liver disease are suitable for paste. Drugs are required for liver metabolism, such as in a clear period of liver disease, liver function is not normal, it is necessary to rush to take the cream will increase the burden on the liver. While nourishing drugs prone to heat, such as patients with obvious jaundice, abdominal distention nausea, dark red tongue, thick and greasy tongue coating, body heat too much, it is not immediately take cream square, to help prevent wet heat, backfire. () can not paste with tonic. Paste the prescription and prescription medicine. L