23Chinese match 30 years without a crown for the first time in Yu Chen long Tokyo sports Sohu began to|Chinese match 30 years without a crown for the first time in Yu Chen long Tokyo sports Sohu began to9

Chinese match 30 years without a crown for the first time in Yu Chen Long began to prepare for Tokyo sports Sohu next year this year is the 30 anniversary of China badminton tournament, a quite memorable year, China team yesterday but only won 4 runner up for the first time in 30 years without a trophy for. After the Rio Olympics, a large area of the national badminton players, young players want to stir up the beam still need time. Li Yongbo, general manager, said last night that the young players have the overall strength to win, to give them time to accumulate more experience, I believe the future will be better. Chen Long’s next year to start preparing for the Tokyo 0 than 2 lost to the Danish Jorgensen, Chen long and not too depressed, this is the first Olympic Games of the tournament he Rio, he even said jokingly, originally thought that the first round will be out. The whole game, Chen long is not much chance, Jorgensen used the speed and angle firmly in control of the rhythm, the final ratio of 22 to 20, 21 to 13 win. After all, hit the finals, or want to play better, but the opponent prepared and confidence to do better than me, losing the game is normal." Chen Long said two consecutive years are only runner up, I need to explain, I hope next year to have a good result, "from the players, did not win is certainly not happy, but this is the reality, we can learn, hope to get some beneficial things for the future." After winning the Rio, Chen long and no system of training, in addition to attend various celebration activities, the other most of the time with his girlfriend Wang Shixian to stay together, enjoy two of the world. "Final is normal, I also like before the team doctor for me not too much, originally thought that the first round have not been." Chen long said. But the head coach Li Yongbo, Chen Long’s performance is still worthy of recognition, "Chen long before the rest, now has resumed training, he needs more training to maintain power system. Starting next year, he will be in a better position to meet the game. He said he wanted to fight for the Tokyo olympics." Li Yongbo also revealed that Chen long will not compete in the Hongkong and Dubai Super Series finals. In addition to Chen long, Li Yongbo also praised the men’s singles teenager Dan Yuqi, who had won the two championship in France and Germany, "we may not know much about him, but he is still worth looking forward to, with his strength, have the ability to become the future singles top players." The young star has won the men’s singles play the leading role and level of Chen Long brace scene, the country feather in the women’s singles, women are two young players played the two runner up also shows that the growth of the young people need more training. The women’s singles final, Sun Yu 1 than 2 lost to Sindu in india. A cycle of Olympic Games, Sun Yu is the country feather women’s singles second team, in front of her 3 people, Wang Yihan Wang Shixian and Lee Xuerui, left her not much chance. Compared to Sun Yu, Sindu in the World Series experience more. After the Olympic Games, world championships and other competitions, Sindu’s technology is more comprehensive than before, experience and confidence has changed a lot." Although the historical record of dominant, but Sun Yu said today again sindou, in front of a few years has been completely different. Like Sun Yu, the women’s doubles teenager Huang Dongping Li Yinhui also lost