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23 year old guy obsessed with mobile phone chess game three months lost 250 thousand yuan in recent years, with the popularity of smart mobile phone and the Internet, mobile phone payment more convenient, all kinds of chess game mobile phone software gradually popular in the office, home, or even in the bathroom, can always open the phone cards. Both friends and colleagues, or be strangers to each other users through the mobile phone network, all the time about a battle together. However, in the mobile phone game There are plenty of people who lose money, they often wonder why he is always bad? Unconsciously, these players gradually addicted, or even into a trap"…… Ya’an little guy playing chess game 21 points, lost $3 in 250 thousand months. Case 1 mobile phone casino lost and want to win back, like a devil "4 months ago, the original love outdoor activities in the mobile phone to download the version, a game software, like entering another world:" stay at home, stay in bed, recharge, gambling, losing money, recharging…… "Lost and want to win, like the devil." Playing cards, he often forgot to eat, forget to call his girlfriend, forget the leadership of the command. 3 months, a total of Xiaojiang lost 250 thousand yuan, the money was originally intended to buy a car, get married. The little guy to win a few, then hooked on October 26th, ginger in the home nest day. He quit his job and said he wanted to be quiet for a while. In July, people in Kunming, lost seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan. In August, Ya’an lost more than ten million yuan. In September, stopped for a while. October, Chengdu, and lost seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan. The total lost deposits 210 thousand yuan, 40 thousand yuan owed money." When it comes to their own game bills, Xiaojiang repeatedly sigh: "ah, is really a gambler. Lost everything, in order to play a game, the car did not buy, also end the marriage not, life is ruined." The 23 year old Ya’an Xiaojiang had never contacted gambling. This year, he took 100 thousand yuan deposit came to Kunming, a Real Estate Company to do sales, and another colleague Liu lived in the hotel. One day in June, he saw Liu playing a poker game called "21". Screen, Liu made 10 thousand yuan or $20 thousand stake in the system after licensing, will automatically calculate the number of points in each card hands of friends, the biggest win, but more than 21 points for the burst card, count lost. "Interesting!" Xiaojiang also download the "happy 799" mobile phone game software. To recharge the game back hundreds of yuan, Xiaojiang entered the game room. The first to win 100 yuan, ginger. Second, and won 100 yuan. The new road will win, to Xiao Jiang jin…… The next month, Xiaojiang mind is not on the job. He and Liu a class it flew back to the hotel, a shoe, lay down on the bed with mobile phone cards. "Round flashed, import money quickly." Xiaojiang said, compared with the beginning, then it is very difficult to win. At work, will also secretly take mobile phone version, play. "Losing money, did not even mind work." Not on the business, his monthly income from the original 20 thousand yuan dropped to $2 thousand. To the end of the month, already can not afford to eat ginger)相关的主题文章: