22The national table tennis championship for the Anshan stage|The national table tennis championship for the Anshan stage6

The national table tennis championship for the Anshan stage in a new round of northeast industrial revitalization of the road, the industrial city of Anshan have attracted much attention at home and abroad every act and every move. In fact, in the famous city of steel, the popularity of table tennis is also renowned at home and abroad. On the weekend "Qianshan cup 2016 National Table Tennis Championships in the scenic Qianshan Scenic Area officially announced the detailed schedule of the tournament. Table tennis is the beautiful Anshan and Qianshan name card, effective combination of the two can produce superimposed effect better, Qianshan Anshan Tourism Group General Manager Li Songtao said. Table tennis in Anshan has a broad mass base, Li Xiaoxia, Malone, and so on, such as the Olympic champion or world champion are Anshan table tennis players. Anshan transported to Liaoning provincial team, the national team of table tennis athletes often gains success in the national, world class competition, Anshan table tennis’s outstanding achievements, cultivate talents and the important contribution to our nation is the phenomenon of Anshan industry known as the "table tennis". Chinese Table Tennis Association will be held in Anshan, the national championships, but also in order to facilitate the use of resources in Anshan, better publicity and promotion of table tennis." Zhang Xiaopeng table tennis a minister of the State Sports General Administration of Pingyu center said. Qianshan cup 2016 National Table Tennis Championships is co sponsored by the State General Administration of sport Badminton Center, Liaoning Province Sports Bureau and the Anshan municipal government, the Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau Pingyu center and the Anshan Municipal Sports Bureau, Liaoning Qianshan Tourism Group Co. The Rio Olympics men’s singles champion Malone st and Ding Ning will participate in the war in September 20th will be the national championship. Table tennis legend, the original Chinese Nvping coach Zhang Xielin said, the contestants, the national table tennis championship winning difficulty is no less than the Olympic Games and World Championships, to form high level against the competition more intense, as can be imagined. There will be 30 domestic teams more than 300 athletes participating in the tournament competition, and won the group the top four teams will be directly participated in the Thirteenth National Games team finals qualification. At the same time, combined with Anshan "national ball city" construction planning, around the national table tennis championships, from September 9th, Anshan launched a series of table tennis Carnival activities. "Thousands of people" table tennis series finals, "table tennis City, flying dream" Gala, "thousands of people" series of table tennis finals of the championship team and the national championship team championship tournament, the world champion in Qianshan Mountain Scenic Area and tourist interactive performances, table tennis star into the community, parks, schools and clubs and public interaction, table tennis star sing at the scene, "national table tennis culture tour and table tennis equipment exhibition content rich and colorful will be further promotion of table tennis. It is worth mentioning that Anshan "national ball city" construction planning and create a national civilized city closely, and actively promote the development of ecological tourism in Qianshan, table tennis and the old industrial base of two-way win-win development. Anshan Sports Bureau, said Huang Kai, Anshan from 2006 to hold the first million people, a table tennis tournament, has now been held.