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"Ma Yun said," business must die "new retail concept" Refresh "- tech Sohu Texun November 3rd hearing, the concept of" new retail ", the latest in a scraper, stems from the recent Ma Yun in the 2016 Hangzhou Yunxi conference speech, Ma Yun said that the next ten years to twenty years, there will be no more this is online and offline e-commerce and logistics must be together, to the birth of new retail real"". As Ma coinage of new retail industry, although the concept has no unified understanding, but it certainly explains and represents a new trend, that is from the price to the value of consumption era era of consumer upgrades. I do not know why Ma Yun so like, say, the next 5 industries ah electricity supplier integration disappear ah. In fact, small series that the world has been changing, the only constant or change! Even if he does not say that the integration of the industry is bound to be integrated, the concept of the hole will only make the electricity supplier pants scared urine. Electricity supplier in the future there is a sense of form and structure is not by saying to achieve in the exploratory stage in advance to say what is the significance? Within the scope of the national business model, will gradually keep up. After all, the vulnerability is to coexist with the patch, the next stage is bound to be the result of national integration, not to say that is to say the next time Ma Yun. In the 5 "new" out before we should first set a small goal, said almost I believe it!