22Half – full 0-0 port on the North battlefield Jin Xinyu header disallowed|Half – full 0-0 port on the North battlefield Jin Xinyu header disallowed9

Half – full 0-0 port on the North battlefield Jin Xinyu header disallowed Hulk Pinqiang Tencent sports September 13th Beijing time 18, 2016 AFC Champions League 14 finals rounds, Jeonbuk home court against Shanghai on Hong kong. The first half of the game, the two sides failed to break, temporarily hit 0-0. Fifth minutes in the city on the right pass, the door keeper of Jin Xinyu shakes head the ball, but the referee awarded him the collision Junling Yan foul, the goal disallowed. Eighth minutes, Kim Bo Kyung outside the area – range, the ball will be slightly deflected. Ninth minutes after Leonardo left the endo kicker shot, the ball directly shot high. Twelfth minutes Zhao Shengheng uprooting the Hulk, was the referee booked. Fifteenth minutes in front of Jin Xinyu shakes Leipzig, Yan Junling directly to get the ball. Nineteenth minutes Leonardo pass in the left front of Jin Xinyu shakes Leipzig, will top the ball slightly. Twenty-first minutes on the Hong Kong Games kick, Hulk surgeon kick choice goalkeeper will directly hit the door, get the ball directly. Twenty-third minutes Puyuanzai ball into the box, and then choose the shot by Yan Junling plugging. Twenty-fifth minutes, Kim Bo Kyung restricted foreign direct long-range kicker, Yan Junling had saved the bottom line ball. Twenty-seventh minutes outside the area after Lee City cut long shots, the ball slightly deflected. Thirty-third minutes Lv Wenjun ball into the box, his shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper easily. Forty-first minutes outside the Lopez forbidden area long-range kicker, defensive player was destroyed the bottom line. Jeonbuk (4-4-2): goalkeepers: 1- Quan Chuntai; 3- 16-, Hengyi Kim: Defender Zhao Shenghuan 19-, Pu Yuanzai 25-, Cui Zhechun 10-, Leonardo 17-; midfielder: Li Zaicheng, 34- Zhang Runhao, 13- Jin Fujiong; striker: 11- Ricardo Lopez, 99- Jin Xinyu; Hong Kong Shanghai (4-2-3-1): 1-: goalkeeper Yan Junling; defenders: 32-, 27-, Sun Xiang Shi Ke 14-, 23- Jin Zhou Rong Fu Huan; midfielder: 4- Wang Shenchao, 6- Cai Huikang, Lv Wenjun 11-; avant garde: 7- Wu Lei, 21- Yu Hai; Hulk striker: 8-;