22Gu Chao redemption! Even to Hengda lore stands on the fox can be watching (video)|Gu Chao redemption! Even to Hengda lore stands on the fox can be watching (video)5

Gu Chao redemption! Even to Hengda lore stands on the fox can be watching [collection] Hengda 1-1 Suning GalAT broke Teixeira Savior Tencent sports the November 20th FA Cup final first leg, Hengda home court 1-1 with Suning, the two sides will be in the 27 day of the Nanjing compete. Although the goal is to help the GalAT and Teixeira, but the match Suning goalkeeper Gu super performance had to mention, he is continuously closed out the final moments of the GalAT shot, just let Suning with the 1-1 results returned to Nanjing. Coincidentally, the game of the national football coach Lippi in the stands watching, do not know the Gu Chao campaign’s performance can impress Lippi, next year’s round of 12 super chongpi Gu national football shirt? Suning goalkeeper Gu Chao 12 third round match against Syria, the Orangemen sits home court, Gu super attack errors led the team eventually lost 0-1, after that game, Gu Chao faced criticism, and then to Tashkent in Uzbekistan, Gu Chao was the football coach Gao Hongbo from the first array is removed, as the country foot guard Longmen’s national security goalkeeper Yang zhi. What Gu Chao is hit, with Lippi’s office, Suning Cech also missed the national team list, and Gu Chao’s squad in the margin, with him in the battle of Syria in the errors are not unrelated. But in the super annual awards ceremony, Gu Chao was once a Chengli Hengda pressure head, unable to elect the 2016 season best goalkeeper. But Zeng Cheng has back injury not in this year Hengda played compared to Gu Chao and in the FA Cup game for Suning winning chance. GalAT opening is only 9 minute goal, Gu Chao did not seal the near corner, so Suning nemesis Hengda the first record, but this grain lost the ball, Gu Chao then play without blemish. Especially the game entered the end stage, the two sides have a ready pen at any time, the score is rewritten, and it also stimulates the play super gu. Eighty-second minutes, GalAT area Akira Taoyuan defense, followed by a close range shot, but Gu Chao made a world-class saves the ball away. Then Zheng Long corner, GalAT grab before shakes Leipzig, Gu Chao in the line, to resolve the crisis, just 1 minutes of the two fantastic saves to Su Ning City did not fall again. Although the subsequent Paulinho Gu super shot failed to hit the ball, but Gu Chao had let the performance of the post had become his teammates, assist Gu Chao again blocking rival Juesha opportunities. Throughout the match, although super to Su Ning Gu conceded negative certain responsibility, but the second half performance was remarkable, especially even refusing GalAT lore, it is to let Su Ning in the celestial draw Hengda and take a precious away goal. Of course, more importantly, the national football coach Lippi sat on the bleachers of celestial bodies. After the fox in charge of the country, Gu Chao, Dewey and Ren hang together was abandoned, the club with Lippi before the match, Gu Chao has an eye-catching performance will impress Lippi, next year’s 12 match can again in Gu super national football shirt? (bar)