21Exposure to Lei Lei missed opportunity because of remorse refused to interview the foot of the count|Exposure to Lei Lei missed opportunity because of remorse refused to interview the foot of the count4

The exposure for Wu Lei missed opportunity Orangemen lost remorse refused to comment but harvest hope the game Wu Lei missed several opportunities "poetic fans to a dream horse" Chinese fans made a long banner in Seoul World Cup Stadium South stand, which has eight characters "to a dream horse, not negative time". In an age of extreme lack of poetry, it is good to have a poem on the banners of Chinese fans. Follow a fighting team, itself is very poetic. In addition to the "Chinese cheering the most simple slogan, Chinese fans can now call more, but they really began to seriously consider this – they are the traditional" China team "to" China gas ", the middle to get rid of a" team ", a stronger sense of rhythm, momentum also Sheng (you can try). The younger generation of Chinese fans are not so reserved or shy. The pitch before the game, many video recently broadcast media, with a mobile phone to the fans on the film, went directly on the question, the fans did not refuse, do not feel uncomfortable, but natural and generous to the camera, sentences directly express their thoughts. This is the first impression of the war between China and South korea. Chinese fans, is worthy of the best in asia. Chinese team 0 3 behind the time, a lot of people is the mood of despair, and even anger, micro-blog and the circle of friends has been condemning, but the scene Chinese fans and sing the national anthem. "Anthem" although the week will appear in the super stadium, but never like this so vivid. This game is allowed to make mistakes in football is the world’s first movement, not only because it looks good, but also because it is easy to understand, so everyone can be a coach. When the Chinese team behind the 3 ball, condemning is inevitable, and it is perfectly logical and reasonable, because many people say no hope, it is false. Veteran Zheng Zhi finally kicked the twelve finals, Gao Hongbo suddenly told him this trust, let him play in that position in the middle of the three defender, but he scored an own, let the Korean team easily lead the game to lay the tone. Veteran in the heart must be very bitter. Before the game, there is a very senior but has not run football in front of the foot in the circle of friends wrote: he played, I give up. No reason, Gao Hongbo can not insist on their own." This tone, seems to have insight into everything. Coaches don’t think Zheng Zhi is a coincidence that he could have been avoided, for example, a more suitable person to play the position. The centre back is not Zheng Zhi’s best position. But within the scope of the selection, whether there is a more suitable candidate than Zheng Zhi to play central defender, this question will never be answered, because the game is not a film, not N G. The same question as well as the use of Ren hang. After the two ball, are renhang marking is not tight, this is the "coaches" are easy to see that fact. A few months did not play the game, as long as the kick has never played a high intensity game, can do it? Facts prove that can not. There are Zhang Linpeng, the right back of the loophole in fact more than the left back, he was injured at the beginning, but also less competent. Seoul