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2 students will be able to get the data of the students of the data was leaked before the beginning of this year’s summer vacation, Jiaxing, Pinghu, a parent received a telephone call from a local education and training institutions, to sell a tutor tutoring business. Let parents wonder is that the other party can report directly to the child’s name, school, grade and other information, which makes parents very afraid, then reported to the police. Pinghu police involved in the investigation found that this is a case of infringement of personal information of citizens, a number of educational and training institutions in the secret sale of student personal information. The police carefully, breaking 6 road trafficking, finally found a 30 year old young sources –. Why my child’s parents reported information training institutions are reported that in June 25th this year in Pinghu, the parents of a student went to the police station, said he received a local education and training institutions to sell a telephone, a tutoring business, let him wonder, the party can directly quote the child’s name, School, grade information, and accurate. Parents are very worried, we only have the child’s school information, training institutions how to report? If the outside agencies are well aware of it, the child is not very dangerous?" After receiving the report, Pinghu police very seriously, immediately dispatched elite forces to form a task force. June 27th, the police conducted a surprise inspection of the education and training institutions, arrested Yang, head of the agency, and found the relevant evidence from his chat record. Through the review, Yang confessed that he usually through QQ and three suspicious object contact with each other and reselling personal information. Project found that these three are Tongxiang, Jiashan, the three education and training institutions responsible person or staff. In June 28th, dimou, Zhou, Chen and 5 people were arrested. The police break 6 selling off unraveling finally find information leakage source who is caught, but their information is from where? Pinghu police decided to dig the source. They found that these students information is repeated reselling, currently 5 people arrested, the case is just the tip of the iceberg, the source must be arrested. The next few days, the police carefully analyzed each clue, mobilized when the lake and Dushan port 3, Zhong Dai in the Police Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron, more than 40 police, has been to private educational institutions in Hangzhou, Jiashan, Beilun, Dinghai, Yuyao, Shangyu and other places, many people involved in trafficking of citizen information captured the suspect. According to Jia Shanyi education and training institutions staff Chen explained that their information is obtained from the headquarters, headquarters is in Hangzhou an education and training institutions, there are 7 branches in the province, all is according to the headquarters of the student information to call the sales call. Pinghu police immediately to the relevant personnel of the headquarters and other 6 branches of the control, also learned that the headquarters of the hands of the student information is from Shaoxing China to buy, while China confessed that he was from Taizhou to do a training Yan a purchased. The police all the way to trace the source, the Yan mou. Yan an account, the source of the leak is ultimately a Zhejiang education company technical maintenance personnel jo,.相关的主题文章: